Start A Profitable IT Career In 9 Weeks With This Software Testing Course

Jul 30, 2023

With IT jobs in high demand, TestPro is showing IT novices how they can get a start in this popular industry with just a few weeks of home study.

Sick of the daily grind and mediocre wages? Get your start in IT with TestPro.

Their new program is ideally suited to people seeking a career change. It’s aimed at office workers, immigrants, and housewives with an interest in IT. The course takes place over nine weeks. No prior IT experience is needed to complete the training.

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Good news if you're an aspiring IT professional. You can now access a short course that allows you to start a career in software testing. Throughout the course, you will complete a range of hands-on assignments and receive expert guidance from industry professionals. You can learn about test classification and basic coding through video theory lessons and practical sessions.

Software testing is currently one of the most lucrative and in-demand job roles in the IT industry. It’s also known as quality assurance. Software testers are responsible for testing the quality and functionality of many tech applications, such as video games, smartphone apps, and more. In this role, you'll use a set of criteria to decide if a software application is fit for purpose.

You will cover twelve modules on the course. The early part of the program covers classification methods, developmental life cycles, and test documentation. The second section includes instructions on JavaScript, HTML, and various web technologies. In the final portion of the program, you are trained in test automation, functional testing, and more.

After graduating from the program, you can make up to $70,000 a year or $35 an hour as an entry-level software tester. The course enables you to make a secondary income and start your career in IT without a degree. Interested? You should visit the company’s website to enroll. A complimentary trial is also available.

A spokesperson for the company says, “Software testing is an easy way into the lucrative world of IT. Our course gives you a pathway into this role without spending time in college. Instead, in just nine weeks you can learn online in your own time, earn while you study, and start your first software testing role immediately after graduating.”

About The Company

TestPro is an IT training school that provides short courses. They want to make the IT industry accessible to everybody.

Kickstarting a career in IT doesn't have to be hard or costly. With TestPro, you can get there in as little as nine weeks.

Go to if you would like more info on TestPro and their updated software testing training program.

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