Become A Software Tester With No Previous Training On This Online IT Course

Nov 26, 2023

A software tester training course is available through Test Pro. The online IT program is suited to housewives and office workers and helps people launch an IT career without a degree.

Jumpstart your IT career without a costly degree and become a high-earning software tester in less than nine weeks with Test Pro's information-packed training program!

Test Pro, a company based in California that specializes in providing online training programs for the IT industry, has launched an updated version of its software tester training program.

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The expert-led program combines video theory and practical lessons with an instructor and helps complete beginners to launch a successful career in software testing in nine weeks or less. It’s particularly well suited to housewives, office workers, and immigrants with no previous tech or coding experience.

Software testers conduct quality testing on a range of different software. A spokesperson for the company explains, “Software testing is one of the happiest and most lucrative jobs in the world and does not require time spent in college. It has become increasingly popular during the pandemic and allows you to earn a six-digit salary while working from home.”

Twelve modules are included as part of the update. During modules one to four, you will receive introductory training on testing, learn about the development life cycle, and receive instruction on test documentation and test classification. Weeks five to eight focus on web and mobile apps, web technologies training such as HTML and JavaScript, continuous integration, and UI/UX functional testing.

In the final four modules, you will learn how to test using databases, conduct API testing, and understand test automation. You will also receive expert instruction on how to prepare for an interview and where to look for software testing jobs. The company says many current students are earning $4000 while they study and are working for household name companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, and PlayStation.

Irina, a previous student, says, “Test Pro is such an amazing company. They explained everything so well and offered us tons of practice with Jira, databases, and many other tools. On top of that, they host a lot of useful webinars and live meetups.”

Test Pro is an educational company that creates accessible training programs for the IT industry. They are passionate about helping people like you launch successful careers in IT.

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