Stainless Steel Billfodl Recovery Phrase Backup Plate Supports BIP39 Seeds

Apr 19, 2024

Struggle to remember passwords? Don’t take a chance when it comes to your crypto seed phrase. Check out the Billfodl recovery plate for secure offline storage of your private keys – available now from The Crypto Merchant!

Still storing your crypto seed phrases on an online device? Want to make sure your private keys are safe from hackers?

Read The Crypto Merchant's guide to the Billfodl metal recovery seed backup tool – offline protection for your sensitive crypto data! More details at


Billfodl is virtually indestructible - capable of withstanding fire, water, and other environmental hazards. The backup tool is made from marine-grade, rust-resistant 316 stainless steel and gives you a safer and more durable alternative to recording seed phrases on paper or another device.

Great Deals

You can buy the Billfodl through The Crypto Merchant's web store. Thanks to partnerships with some of the leading hardware brands in the DeFi space, you can access great deals and expert support for product selection and setup advice.

Laser Engraved Tiles

The device allows you to recreate your recovery phrase using steel tiles which are then locked in the metal casing. The Billfodl tool works in conjunction with every hardware wallet on the market today and supports BIP39 seeds of 12, 18, or 24 words – up to 96 characters. The tiles are laser engraved so there's no need for stamping.

The guide suggests that, due to its robust design, the Billfodl recovery tool can last you a lifetime with its purely physical offline operation ensuring that no hackers can get to your data.

Tamper Proofing

The product comes with tamper-evident seals so you can detect any signs of attempted forced entry but you should still store the device somewhere safe, secure, and memorable. A fireproof safe or a bank safety deposit box are good options to consider.

Bundle Up

You can buy the Billfodl for $99.99 from The Crypto Merchant web store with a four-pack also available for $259.99. You can bundle the device with hardware wallets such as the Ledger Nano X or Trezor's Model T. Other options include recovery plates from brands like Cryptotag, imKey, and SecuX.

Don't risk losing access to your funds, protect your assets with The Crypto Merchant!

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