Secure Your Crypto Hardware Wallet With The Vicosmos Anti-Theft Storage Case

May 2, 2024

Worried about the safety of your hardware wallet? Then you need the Vicosmos Secure Case! The Crypto Merchant explains how this form of crypto security can provide added peace of mind.

If you're about to set off on a long vacation, you may be wondering whether it's safer to bring your hardware wallet with you or leave it behind. What if you need it? If you’re planning on spending crypto, you may have no other choice. But how can you ensure no one steals it? Luckily, The Crypto Merchant has the solution!

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According to data from Comparitech, crypto thefts claimed $16.93 million in January of 2024 alone - over double the amount stolen in the same month last year. Consequently, hardware wallet companies are now seeing record sales as crypto users look to secure their digital assets in the safest way possible. So how can you make sure nothing happens to your hard-earned crypto?

The Crypto Merchant recommends the Vicosmos Secure Case to provide an added layer of protection.

What is the Vicosmos Secure Case?

As explained in the guide, the Vicosmos is a premium protective case designed to shield your crypto hardware wallet from theft or damage. Providing reliable anti-peek storage, the Vicosmos Secure Case keeps your hardware wallet hidden from third parties, minimizing risk of theft.

So why choose Vicosmos?

The Crypto Merchant praises the Vicosmos’ useability, pointing to its organization and access features. “The Vicosmos Secure Case simplifies the organization process by providing designated compartments for your hardware wallet, recovery seeds, and other essential accessories. This level of organization not only keeps everything in one place but also allows for quick and convenient access when needed.”

The guide also commends the small, lightweight design of the Vicosmos Secure Case, enabling you to bring it with you on the move. Dubbed by The Crypto Merchant as ‘the perfect travel companion', the Vicosmos can be accessed from any location using one of its multiple unlocking systems, including fingerprint, mechanical key or PIN password.

As well as minimizing the risk of theft, the Vicosmos secure case also offers physical protection from drops, scratches and dents, says The Crypto Merchant. If you're known for being clumsy, this is the case for you! Made from high-quality, fire-retardant material, the Vicosmos serves as an impenetrable barrier between your hardware wallet and the environment.

A spokesperson from the company explains: “The Vicosmos Secure Case offers protection against environmental factors such as dust, moisture, and extreme temperatures. This is especially crucial for long-term storage of your hardware wallet, as these elements can deteriorate the device over time.”

Want to get your own?

Then head over to The Crypto Merchant's online shop to find more information, including dimensions, weight and price. Stocking both the Master M1 and the Master M1 pro, The Crypto Merchant offers the best in hardware wallet protection.

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