Spanish Live Church Online Broadcast Service For Isolating Worshippers Launched

May 20, 2020

St. Laurence in Lanzarote is offering you a place to go for spiritual and religious services with a welcoming global community during an uncertain worldwide situation.

Have you been unable to attend your regular religious services? Has the global coronavirus situation given you a need for spiritual well-being? 

The Anglican Parish of St. Laurence in Lanzarote has announced its online worshipping services during the current covid-19 lockdown in Spain. 

Visit for more information.

The new online Sunday service from the Anglican Church allows you to practice your faith no matter your location or denomination and has been viewed by people around the world.

On March 15th, 2020, due to the global pandemic the Spanish government announced a complete lockdown of Spain. The lockdown included churches and other places of worship.

Stan Evans, the reverend of St. Laurence in Lanzarote says its credo is: “Our door is always open for anyone who wants to join us, no questions asked,” and the closure presented a challenge for the church to maintain this philosophy.

In less than a week the church had managed to film and upload their first webcast service on YouTube, with the announcement sent out on the church’s newsletter’s 40 subscribers. It was shared across the internet by the subscribers and was viewed over 400 times.

The success continued, and within ten weeks the “Anglican Parish Lanzarote” YouTube channel had become viewed by worshippers in Europe, Australia, Canada, America, and the Ivory Coast. You can watch the service on-demand and subscribe to the YouTube channel here

The online service allows you to practise your faith while cocooning or self-isolating and adhering to social distancing measures as well as connecting with others in a safe and friendly environment. Each service consists of sermons, hymns, and prayers, giving you comfort and support needed during an uncertain time.

As a self-funded establishment, the challenge of delivering the services online can be costly, and the church has started a GoFundme page to help raise money for people wishing to support their work. More information is available at

In Spain, the lockdown is slowly easing, but there are still restrictions on church services so Father Stan will be continuing regular broadcasting services throughout May and June.

The church is also considering long-term plans for online services to allow the community to stay in touch with their newfound extended followers abroad, as well as for those who can’t visit the church due to illness or age. 

Don’t let self-isolation stop you from joining a welcoming and global religious community with the unique online church services from St. Laurence in Lanzarote.

Visit the URL above if you would like more information.

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