Get The Best Daily Prayer App While You Are Isolating Or Unable To Go To Church

Aug 22, 2020

People in self-isolation, with mobility issues, or those who prefer to pray from home can benefit from a newly launched app. The Anglican Church of St Laurence in Lanzarote says the Daily Prayer offers services for people around the world.

Are you self-isolating, unable to easily get around, or do you prefer to pray from home? Have you considered downloading an app or attending a virtual service? Do you want to maintain your spirituality from home? If you want to know the app recommended by a leading Anglican church in Lanzarote, read on!

A new app has been launched to help you pray from home if you are alone, in self-isolation, or if it is your preference. The Anglican Church of St Laurence in Lanzarote recommends the app for you if you are unable to attend church services but want to maintain your spiritual connection.

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The newly launched app is called Daily Prayer and includes a free resource in recognition of the challenging times being faced by you and other people around the world and those affected by cancelled church services. Time to Pray can be used throughout the day, wherever in the world you are.

Daily Prayer can help you follow a morning, evening, and night prayer routine. In case you are wondering, it offers three services in full with NRSV Bible readings every day of the year. The inclusive app reflects the mission of the Anglican Church of St Laurence in Lanzarote, which says everybody is welcome to attend any of their services.

Whether you want to worship, light a candle, or say a silent prayer - you are all welcome. The church has updated the kinds of services it offers in line with government restrictions and regulations that can alter at short notice in response to changes in circumstances.

Virtual services are ideal for you if you have mobility issues, are self-isolating, or if you prefer to pray from your home. The church operates a YouTube channel where you can subscribe so you automatically receive updates. The Third Living Room Service is the latest to be uploaded and offers hymns, prayers, and music.

A parishioner recently wrote: “I have just watched the second living room service. How could I possibly criticize it? The Lord’s Prayer signed was a lovely touch, as were the children’s songs. So much thought seems to be put into every service.”

“Thank you very much for all you have done bringing the services to us all these weeks and we enjoyed seeing the attended service! Thank you, again, Father Stan,” another added.

You can find out more via the link provided! Alternatively, you can click here

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