Solar Panel Incentive Program Assistance For New Homeowners In Santa Barbara

Mar 25, 2024

Are you a current or soon-to-be homeowner in Santa Barbara interested in saving money on energy bills & helping the planet? Gradient Solar Systems ((951) 445-2271) can help you take advantage of government incentive programs to get solar power at your home!

Being a homeowner is super empowering! It's also kind of terrifying, overwhelming, and expensive, right? Luckily, California has lots of programs that can help offset utility costs! Gradient Solar Systems knows all the ins and outs and can get you set up with the best incentive program option for you to fully fuel your home with solar power.

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Credit Not Great? No Prob!

Gradient Solar Systems hopes to encourage homeowners to participate in the many solar power government incentive programs available to them, even if they have a relatively low FICO score.

Even if you have a FICO score below 600, the company can still help you qualify for solar panel assistance through the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) program. Great! But... what the heck is the PPA program?

The PPA Program, In A Nutshell

The PPA is a unique program in which a homeowner allows a company to install a solar power system on their property. In this case, the homeowner only pays for the energy they use, while the partnered company can use any excess energy produced by the solar system.

So, with this option, you can benefit from solar panel power without having to purchase the equipment all on your own. You don't even have to pay for solar panel maintenance costs or figure out how to maintain them. All the benefits and none of the headaches!

Gradient Solar Systems Has Your Back

Whether you recently bought a house or plan on purchasing one in the near future, Gradient Solar Systems can give you greater access to solar power.

Not only that, but Gradient Solar Systems can assist homeowners who are preparing for home improvements with the acquisition of a solar system that accommodates any new additions that are energy-reliant, including electric vehicles or pools.

Gradient Solar Systems can also guarantee you a fixed rate for your monthly energy bills, making those stressful cost surges in the winter or summer months a thing of the past! Through the PPA and other lease programs, the company can get you access to solar power with ZERO money down and give you peace of mind with a Solar Insure 30-year warranty.

About Gradient Solar Systems

Gradient Solar Systems is dedicated to making solar power more accessible to all Californians, including farmers, homeowners, and business owners. The company serves as a broker, connecting customers with the most affordable solar panel manufacturers and installation services in their regions. Gradient Solar Systems can help California residents acquire various solar panels, including silicon, thin-film, and flexible solar panels.

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