Tulare Dairy Farm Solar Installation To Improve Energy Efficiency & Reduce Costs

Mar 26, 2024

Californian-based solar brokerage company, Gradient Solar Systems, is giving Tulare dairy farmers the chance to make their energy bills lower, with self-sufficient, self-sustaining solar power.

Tulare Dairy Farmers: Let The Sunshine In!

Being a Californian dairy farmer can feel pretty far removed from the American dream these days. The cost of forage going up, price of milk going down, weather going from one crazy extreme to the other, and then never knowing how much you’re going to have to sell off just to cope with the huge fluctuations in electricity bills each month. 

 That’s why Gradient Solar Systems is encouraging Tulare dairy farmers to let the sunshine in and embrace a more reliable, sustainable energy future with agricultural solar panel installations at https://gradientsolarsystems.com/agricultural-solar    

Are you sold on solar?

Dairy farmers who opt in to the company’s new solar panel installation service can generate their own electricity, decreasing their dependence on external energy sources and providing more self-sufficiency

Transitioning your dairy operations to solar is a big decision. However, the good news is that a range of government incentives and falling technology prices can really boost your R.O.I. So if you’re a dairy farmer spending more than $50,000 a month in energy bills, you might want to explore making the shift to solar power.

Gradient Solar Systems has already partnered with more than 66 dairies across California which are currently producing upwards of 60 megawatts of solar power. The success of the program is in large part due to the state’s ratio of sunshine, which is higher than the national average.   

Sunshine is sustainable

Solar isn’t just a good way to save on energy bills. It is also one of the best ways to ensure that your farm can meet environmental targets by lowering its carbon footprint

Clean, sustainable, and renewable, solar power is one of the best ways to contribute to an environmentally friendly agricultural future. Panels can be fitted to barns, buildings, field borders and scrubland, meaning happier, healthier herds for generations to come.

Solar powered revenue

When was the last time you received an I.O.U from your electric company? Never, right? I mean that’s not the way things work: they generate the energy and you pay the bill. Well, solar helps you to reverse this one-way cash flow system. 

When your farm is generating its own power through solar, you can sell the excess energy back to the grid or contribute towards local community programs. And in California, we get a lot of sun. And those golden rays might just convert to golden coins when it comes round to paying the bills. Now that’s what I call a bright, sunshiny day!

So if you’re sold on solar, then you need to speak to the sunshine energy experts at Gradient Solar Systems. Find out how they can help your dairy farm make the smart, sustainable, and affordable move to solar power at https://gradientsolarsystems.com/agricultural-solar  

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