SLC Resilience Coach Training With Ketamine Integration: Get Certified Online

May 6, 2024

If you’re called to deepen your healing practice with powerful, evidence-based methods, SLIP™ Resilience Coaching (833-669-3081) training program is for you. You will learn how to transform client outcomes with trauma-informed somatic resilience techniques and to access peak performance mental states to get faster results.

As a healing practitioner, giving your clients the breakthrough sessions they need is key. By integrating somatic therapy and ketamine, you can truly level up your practice.

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Tap Into the Power of Ketamine + Somatic Healing

SLIP™ Resilience Coaching's proprietary training program is designed to empower you to help clients resolve the root issues that are sabotaging their success by teaching you life-changing protocols.

While the training program prepares you to facilitate safe and transformational online sessions for your clients with or without ketamine, ketamine integration is a foundational part of this education.

Learn how online ketamine coaching can impact your practice:

Recent clinical studies have revealed that patients who received ketamine-assisted therapy experienced a more rapid and robust improvement in mental and emotional well-being than those who received therapy alone.

You've Found This Program for a Reason

SLIP™ Resilience Coaching uses an interactive online learning platform with live and pre recorded videos from which you can master trauma-informed somatic protocols and peak performance mental states during facilitation to deepen your healing practice.

Discover how peak performance training can benefit your practice:

The 150-hour training program teaches you about the brain function and structures involved in building resilience, identifying and resolving maladaptive core belief wounds that create blocks to resolving trauma, and the powerful impact somatic therapy can have on all three.

"No matter who you are, if your soul purpose involves making this planet and the people in it more resilient and connected, then your search has led you to a place where achieving your dreams is possible." ~Mignon Walker, founder of SLIP™ Resilience Coaching.

The Innovative Work of Mignon Walker

The founder of SLIP™ Resilience Coaching, Mignon Walker, MD, takes an active role in the training program and you'll have the chance to work with her directly during your experience.

A physician and distinguished Stanford University School of Medicine graduate, Dr. Walker strongly believes in "the power of healing deep-seated negative beliefs using specific results-oriented mind-body integration methods to foster emotional resilience."

SLIP™ Resilience Coaching has published several case studies online that demonstrate the effectiveness of its approach.

In one case study, a 26-year-old woman with a long history of anxiety, depression, paranoia, and debilitating panic attacks substituted her conventional medication and talk therapy for somatic work with Mignon Walker. After eight weekly ketamine-assisted coaching sessions and 12 non-ketamine coaching sessions, she was able to resolve the fears causing her anxiety and depression, increase her self-confidence, overcome her fear of dying, and learn how to work with her emotions healthily.

You can read the full case study here:

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