SLC Professional Resilience Coach Training For Trauma-Informed Somatic Healing

May 6, 2024

Unlock greater potential for your healing practice with professional resilience training from SLIP™ Resilience Coaching (833-669-3081). Learn unique peak performance somatic healing techniques that will empower you to provide transformative, trauma-informed, emotional support for your clients.

As healers, we know the deeply integrated nature of mental, emotional, and physical well-being. With trauma-informed somatic healing, you can transform client outcomes and master high-performance mental states to achieve unparalleled breakthroughs for your clients.

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Learn an Augmented Approach to Somatic Healing

A Stanford-trained physician, the founder of SLIP™ Resilience Coaching, Mignon Walker, was frustrated by not being able to help clients struggling with crippling self-doubt, which led her to study somatic healing.

"Somatic processing opens deep healing pathways," says Dr. Walker, who augmented what she learned in her somatic healing studies with powerful tools to make the techniques safer and more transformational.

During this unique training program, you'll have the opportunity to train directly with Mignon Walker, MD, so you can intimately connect with her deep well of knowledge.

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The Resilience Coach Training Program

This professional resilience training includes both live and pre recorded online videos that will help you unlock your own potential as you master peak performance states and somatic resilience building techniques. . You will learn SLIP™ Resilience Coaching's proprietary methods in a stimulating virtual learning environment.

Training begins with your own private SLIP™ coaching experiences designed to help you learn to navigate your nervous system. You will receive up to 12 hours of private coaching experiences - which are key to understanding how to facilitate somatic sessions for your clients.

Learn more about mastering high-performance mental states to improve results for wellness clients:

What To Expect From Your Training

In the SLIP™ resilience training program, you'll learn about brain structure and function, how resilience impacts the nervous system, somatic practices, and the scientific evidence that supports the effectiveness of these techniques.

Breathwork, neurofeedback training, ketamine coaching, and  accessing your peak performance gamma consciousness mindset are valuable skills integrated into this proprietary training program. The course is designed for medical professionals, therapists, wellness practitioners, health coaches, and others interested in adding a new niche to their healing work.

The 150-hour training program is designed to make you into a masterful trauma-informed resilience coach who can facilitate transformational client sessions both with and without the use of oral ketamine.

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