Simple Wireless Smartphone Adapter For Android Auto Boasts Lag-Free Connection

Apr 25, 2023

No built-in WiFi, no problem! Carsifi, a wireless Android Auto adapter, lets you pair your smartphone with your dashboard in a snap.

If you’ve always wanted to use Android Auto but your car doesn’t have built-in WiFi, don’t despair. Carsifi, a convenient wireless dongle, can make your vehicle “smarter” in seconds.

The device enables your car to seamlessly pair with your Android phone. This means that even older vehicles can access convenient Android Auto features like navigation, communication, music playback, audiobooks, and Google Assistant.

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Since Carsifi is a dongle that connects directly to your dashboard, there is no lag between your phone and your entertainment system. Moreover, you no longer have to fiddle with your phone if you wish to use the above-mentioned functionalities.

Company founder Ihor Martsekha notes that hands-free use of Android Auto lessens distracted driving. "Not only does Carsifi create a more convenient driving experience, but it also fosters safety on the road," he says. "Instead of tapping on your phone, you can instead use voice commands to launch apps from your entertainment system — something you would not be able to do without our wireless adapter."

Distracted driving accounts for 12% of all car accidents in the country, according to the National Traffic Safety Administration (NTSA). Tellingly, research shows that U.S. drivers spend 90 seconds per hour using their phones, highlighting the ubiquity of such devices.


To use Carsifi, you simply need to plug the device into your entertainment system’s USB port. Afterward, you should pair your phone with the dongle via Bluetooth connection. Martsekha highlights that you only have to do this once; Carsifi will automatically detect and pair with your smartphone moving forward.


In addition, Carsifi can also be paired with multiple smartphones. This feature is especially useful if your family shares the same car since members don’t have to reconfigure the connection each time they drive. As stated above, users simply need to pair their phones once and the dongle will store their profile.


Martsekha adds that you can use the wireless adapter as long as your car has a modern LED-screen entertainment system. Moreover, Carsifi works with Android 9 straight out of the box. If you currently use Android 8 and below, there is a companion app that facilitates pairing.

Unlock your vehicle’s full potential with the help of Carsifi. Order today to enjoy fast shipping and a 30-day risk-free return policy!

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