Silk Rug Color Correction & Fabric Protection With Best Gallaway, TN Cleaners

Sep 25, 2023

Is your rug looking drab? River City Rug Cleaning (901-341-7847) is here to spill the dye in Gallaway, Tennessee, and help you transform your faded rugs into vibrant, eye-catching masterpieces.

Does your rug look like it's seen better days? Is it faded, stained, or just plain boring? If so, it's time for rug color correction!

River City Rug Cleaning helps you restore the color of rugs that have been damaged due to improper spot cleaning, sun exposure, or time.

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Sunlight, foot traffic, and other factors can cause your rugs' colors to fade and lose their vibrancy, and in severe cases, the damage may be irreparable. However, if the fibers are still capable of holding dye, River City Rug Cleaning can help you restore their original hue.

To determine the best approach for correcting your rug's color, its professionals examine the extent of fading and damage. Depending on the situation, they may employ stronger cleaning solutions, shearing, or dye matching. In some cases, the professionals use simple hand cleaning to remove dirt and debris and restore your rug's colors.

Following the correction, River City Rug Cleaning uses MicroSeal to lock in the restored colors of the rug, preventing future fading, staining, and damage. MicroSeal can withstand 8 to 10 professional cleanings before you would need to reapply.

About River City Rug Cleaning

Located in the greater Eads, River City Rug Cleaning has served Memphis, Germantown, Collierville, and the surrounding areas for over 15 years. In addition to rug color correction services, the shop offers professional cleaning for delicate rugs made of wool, silk, and other fine fibers - with rug pick-up, delivery, and drop-off services.

A satisfied customer said: "Stacy is the best! I work for a high-end interior design firm, and we use them exclusively for all our projects. I recently had a party that resulted in a food disaster. Fortunately, the rug had been treated with MicroSeal, so it was well protected, and Stacy was able to remove the stains!"

Does your rug’s hue make you feel a little blue? Contact River City Rug Cleaning (901-341-7847) and get your rug looking its best again.

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