Silberstein, Awad & Miklos Freeport New York Truck Attorney Case Compensation

Mar 26, 2021

There are thousands of truck accident cases in New York City each year and the law firm of Silberstein, Awad & Miklos is comprised of attorneys who know how to handle each kind

Trucks are a vital part in countless businesses, especially in New York City. Thousands of trucks go through the city each and every day and they are considered normal in people’s everyday lives. Although due to trucks being large vehicles and sometimes difficult to maneuver, they are prone to accidents and can cause severe harm and injury to others if not handled properly. The sheer size and risk potential of trucks should not be taken for granted and one should know what to do in the event that they or their loved one encounters a truck accident. If one becomes a victim of a truck accident, they should get in contact with an experienced lawyer to handle the case.

A truck accident attorney will have the knowledge required to launch a case for their client if they have been a victim in any truck accident. They will establish facts and provide proper evidence in order to gear towards getting the needs of their client taken care of by the party who is liable. Silberstein, Awad & Miklos is a law firm based in New York city and comprises lawyers who are experts in many fields, including vehicular and truck accidents. They have a record of winning over hundreds of cases in the past years and will fight relentlessly for each of their clients. They can be contacted for a free consultation at or call 1-877-ASK4SAM. 

Truck accident cases are often tedious because even with minor cases, there are still many factors and parties to consider. There are many types of trucks that go in and out of the state, and even if some are considerably much bigger than others, they would all fall under one classification. Some common types of trucks include dump trucks, garbage trucks, fuel trucks, box trucks, tow trucks,concrete trucks, and sweeper trucks. There are many distinctions between  a normal vehicular accident and a truck accident. A plain distinction would be the difference in size and the impact an accident from a truck can cause along with more parties in its risk proximity. Trucks that are traveling long distances are also often carrying heavy loads so they can be a threat to a large area in an accident, especially in populated areas.  Another difference between car accidents and truck accidents are that most truck drivers are usually not the owners of the vehicles, bui rather employees of the company who owns them, which is why establishing liability could get messy. There are also periodic regulations and maintenance protocols for companies or owners who use trucks frequently. These are just some of the variables factored in when establishing a case, and all must be delved deep to ensure justice for the victims of these accidents.

While there are many differences between car accidents and truck accidents in measuring a case, the causes are quite similar. Negligent driving or improper driving are two of the biggest causes in vehicular incidents, no matter how big or small. Common causes of truck accidents include impaired driving, distracted driving, fatigue, speeding, shifting cargo, and faulty roads. If there’s no problem with the vehicle in question itself, then the fault is automatically assumed by the person responsible with operating the vehicle. Determining the party at fault is crucial for receiving proper compensation. A truck accident can result in various expenses such as medical expenses, loss of ability to work, as well as emotional pain and trauma. 

When consulting with an Ask4SAM truck accident attorney, they will prepare all the necessary details and will work with all parties involved to ensure that all matters and expenses are settled. They will identify witnesses and corroborate with good leads to make secure justice for the victims and their families for the damages that were caused to them

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