Shopping In France? Get Your VAT Back Hassle-Free Without Showing Your Passport

Apr 20, 2023

Multilingual app Wevat can refund the VAT you’re charged in France by credit card, bank transfer, Alipay or WeChat Pay in one of 50 currencies. Get up-to-date notifications on your refund progress through the refund tracker, and happy tax-free shopping!

Whether you're planning a trip to France or you're shopping online at a French-based store, you'll be charged a hefty VAT.

So that's the bad news.

The good news is you're entitled to a VAT refund - quel chance!

Why not make the process extra convenient by saying au revoir to old-fashioned document filing and bonjour to a digital refund? Did you know they have an app for that?

The Wevat app transforms a once time-consuming VAT refund document filing process into a simple tap-enabled refund, no passport required.

Get a refund that's 23% higher than what in-store refund providers offer and get ready to see an uptick in your bank balance after your shopping spree.

When's the last time that happened?

Find out more and download the Wevat app now at

Founders of Wevat say they wanted to create a trustworthy app that makes tax-free shopping in Europe paper-free and hassle-free, so they did.

Wevat lets you instantly process your VAT (or ‘value-added tax’) refund from the security of your own phone without speaking with a customs agent or producing your passport.

While the VAT is attached to just about every purchase you make in France, if you're a non-EU resident, congratulations, you're not required to pay that. Instead, you're entitled to a VAT refund!

Simply activate your three-step Wevat app, and save every time you shop.

Wevat returns 13% of the VAT you're charged with just a single transparent service fee and no foreign exchange fees.

Purchases amounting to €100 or more are eligible for VAT refund processing and you won't encounter store restrictions, won't be subject to repeated scanning, and best of all, you get to avoid filling out and dropping off onerous refund documents.

Just download, sign up, and agree to the app's Ts & Cs.

Once you begin shopping, just upload the invoices for each of your purchases and store everything in your phone. You can request these invoices when you're paying at the store's checkout.

Wevat automatically generates your digital refund form which you can scan at any Wevat-supported kiosk upon your departure from France. This activates your refund which will be issued by bank transfer, credit card, Alipay or WeChat, whichever method you chose when you signed up.

The app is available in 88 countries and can be downloaded at the Apple app store or Google Play.

Creators of Wevat say, “We are on a mission to bring both delight and convenience to international travelers shopping in Europe. Wevat offers you a tax-free shopping experience with an efficient and trustworthy digital solution and 24/7 customer-focused service that has revolutionized tax-free shopping on the go.”

Are you ready to make shopping in France even more of a delight? Find out how at

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