Shin Nong’s All-New Organic Foliar Spray Is a Must Have For All Gardeners

Jun 28, 2021

My personal favorite organic fertilizer brand, Shin Nong has recently announced the release of all new all-purpose organic foliar spray, check it out here!

My personal favorite organic fertilizer brand, Shin Nong has recently announced the release of all new all-purpose organic foliar spray!

While many brands take advantage of loose guidelines to claim that product is “organic,” Shin Nong’s product is officially certified by the Organic Materials Review Institue (OMRI).

The latest addition to Shin Nong’s 100% organic and 100% vegan plant food lineup, PRO ORGANIC foliar spray is all-purpose and can be used to treat flowers, vegetables, trees, shrubs, and houseplants. The mixture is formulated to encourage microoganism activity and increase the plant’s ability to hold water and nutrients.

Foliar feeding is the somewhat controversial yet increasingly popular technique of spraying leaves with a liquid solution of plant food, allowing for more direct application of fertilizer and quicker absorption of essential nutrients. While studies have demonstrated the efficacy of this method and its ability to increase plant yield, skeptics often point to the fact that by nature, leaf surfaces aren’t built to take in nutrients — the roots are. Though foliar feeding isn’t necessarily a replacement for healthy soil, which is the most essential aspect of plant growth, it can serve as a convenient and efficient boost for certain nutrient-deficient plants. (Read More)

“Think of foliar spray as an excellent supplement — for instance, like a multivitamin you take in the morning,” explains Shin Nong founder John Yun. “Obviously it can’t replace your three meals for the day, but it’s a quick and easy way to ensure that you get all the major nutrients you need.”

PRO ORGANIC foliar spray is a liquid solution that comes in a handheld 31 oz spray bottle. The mixture consists primarily of rice bran, castor meal, and 17 Rare-Earth Elements (REEs). This innovative blend is specifically formulated to increase plant biomass, improve the quality of fruiting bodies, and promote root development. On a molecular level, this mix of ingredients works to fortify cell membranes and cell walls, strengthening overall plant structure and improving resistance to disease and pests.

In the end, Shin Nong’s mission is to produce and encourage the use of all-natural fertilizer in an effort to preserve the environment and help grow healthy plants. Studies have shown that chemical fertilizers are often harmful to plants and soil and even contain ingredients that contaminate groundwater.

In addition to being fully organic, Shin Nong is also committed to being 100% vegan. Organic fertilizer often contains animal products such as blood meal or bone meal from cruelly factory-farmed livestock and fish meal from the unsustainable commercial fishing industry. However, PRO ORGANIC only uses all-natural ingredients from plant and Earth-based sources.

“Our plants and ecosystem have always treated us well,” says Yun. “It’s time we return the favor, one small step at a time.”

Aside from foliar spray, Shin Nong’s collection also features various other products for both indoor and outdoor plants, including the new PRO ORGANIC lawn food, which you can find here which launched earlier this summer and has received outstanding reviews.

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