Sex Trafficking Lawyer In Newark: Experienced Representation From Brian Kent

Oct 10, 2023

Brian Kent, Abuse Guardian’s New Jersey advocate, helps sex trafficking victims get experienced legal representation – and ensure justice is served.

Brian Kent, the Abuse Guardian attorney in Newark, New Jersey, is offering experience legal representation for victims of sex trafficking, in all forms - from forced prostitution to online exploitation, domestic servitude and forced marriage.

Sex Trafficking In New Jersey: A Major Issue

Human trafficking remains a pressing problem in New Jersey, with the state ranked #6 in the US - and #18 for sex trafficking.

The majority of cases are unreported, with over 68% of victims receiving healthcare while trafficked, but going undetected - so the issue is far worse than official figures indicate, says Brian.

The Abuse Guardian advocate in New Jersey is encouraging victims to step forward and seek expert legal representation.

“It is important to note that sex trafficking can involve multiple forms of exploitation, and traffickers often use a combination of tactics to control and manipulate their victims. Raising awareness of these different forms of sex trafficking is essential for the prevention of this heinous crime and the protection of potential victims.”

Abuse Guardian's Brian Kent: Experienced Legal Support For Newark Sex Trafficking Victims

Brian Kent provides full legal support and assistance for victims, working closely with each victim to help them choose the best course of legal action, whether it’s criminal prosecution or civil lawsuit.

As a member of Abuse Guardian, a leading alliance of US sexual abuse attorneys, Brian has access to an extensive network of connections and resources to ensure that victims get the highest standards of legal support, and obtain full compensation.

Brian's Experience & Client Testimonials

Brian has extensive experience working with victims of sexual abuse, trafficking, and others. As a former sex crimes prosecutor, Brian specializes in sexual abuse law and is committed to helping victims get justice.

A client said: “Just in talking with him about sensitive topics, he took time and really listened to me. He wouldn’t interrupt me and would respect my boundaries if I wasn’t able to talk about something at that time. If I was ever nervous or unsure about something, he would always take my questions, answer them and wait for me to be ready and not rush my decisions. So it has been a pleasure, in general, working with Brian Kent and I would definitely recommend others who are unfortunately in the same situation, to him.”

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