Search Box Optimization Helps Pasadena, CA Orthodontists Capture Google’s Page 1

Sep 26, 2023

Is your dental practice failing to rank in the SERPs despite spending hundreds to thousands of dollars on SEO experts? Spend your money on something that will position it head and shoulders above your competition. Try autocomplete optimization now!

The problem with SEO is that hundreds of businesses are competing for the same spot. Think about it. There’s no way that Google will give you the top spot out of the goodness of its heart.

If you want to win the ranking game, you need to stop playing and try something else.

Luckily for you, My Tooth Media is now offering autocomplete optimization in Pasadena, a service designed to be a more effective and affordable alternative to SEO, as it requires less upkeep, eliminating the need to retain an SEO specialist.

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My Tooth Media developed the system that enables autocomplete optimization after noticing the unfair advantage businesses with higher marketing budgets possess in terms of their ability to capture Google’s first page.

The most prominent section of Google is the top of the first page, which marketers refer to as the “three-pack” section. Now, which among the hundreds to thousands of businesses competing for those three spots will Google favor? The answer, of course, is the one that has the better SEO, which entails a lot of spending. And if you’re not that, then you’re out of luck.

With autocomplete optimization, your intended audience will see the name of your business or dental practice before they even reach Google’s first page. Think of it as SEO on steroids.

Autocomplete optimization achieves this result by associating a business with a keyword phrase. For example, your neighborhood and the word “dentist” or “dental clinic.” Because My Tooth Media is shooting for organic rankings, this process is not instant, as it may require 60 to 90 days to organically associate a business name with their chosen keyword phrases.

However, it guarantees exclusivity in the keyword selection phrase selection process, meaning that once you’ve chosen a keyword phrase, it will not be sold to another client. So your competitor has zero chance of ranking for that phrase!

Furthermore, if a keyword phrase has been successfully associated with a client, their practice could also appear as an organic listing on other search platforms, particularly YouTube and Bing.

If you’re tired of giving money to Google for ads that nobody clicks or to so-called SEO experts for making sure your SERP position doesn’t get any worse, then this service is your way out and your way to bypass your competition.

My Tooth Media’s successful clients now include orthodontists, cosmetic dentists, pediatric dentists, and family dentists in many parts of the country. Join this enviable list now before your competitors discover this service!

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