BPA-Free Toilet Paper Made From 100% Bamboo for Sensitive-Skin

May 16, 2024

Feel the difference in every wipe and swipe with Purafide’s BPA-free, 100% organic bamboo toilet paper and towels!

If you want to reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals and bleaching agents and support a greener future, Purafide’s BPA-free bamboo products are your family's safer choice!

From the pantry to the toilet, find out how Purafide’s all-natural bamboo tissues have got you covered at https://www.purafide.com/

BPA-Free Bamboo Toilet Paper: The Purer Choice For Your Behind

Crafted from 100% pure bamboo, Purafide’s toilet paper is not only tree-free but also free from BPAs, bleach, chlorine, inks, and other harmful chemicals commonly used for whitening.

As the company explains, its unadulterated bamboo contains an antimicrobial bio-agent called bamboo-kun that repels bacteria and fungus and prevents odor build-up. This, combined with the tissue’s hygroscopic and breathable properties, makes it naturally hypoallergenic and sensitive skin-safe.

Eco-Friendly & Ethical

Another of the BPA-free toilet paper's key attributes is its sustainability. Sourced from FSC-accredited forests, Purafide’s bamboo is eco-friendly to grow, harvest, and use as a substitute to trees.

Furthermore, the earth-friendly product is described as the thickest 3-ply toilet paper on the market, with 16 gsm of pure bamboo per ply, providing exceptional strength, durability, and absorbency while remaining soft and smooth. Hence, the company highlights that most individuals use fewer squares per visit compared to regular toilet paper, contributing to waste reduction.

Strong, Sustainable, & Superior: Towels To Tackle Any Mess Without Leaving A Trace Of Guilt Behind

If you’re looking for BPA-free paper towels, Purafide offers rolls of 90, thick, 2-ply soak-up tissue sheets. With extra absorbency for soaking up spills quickly and efficiently, this option also features an embossed print for enhanced debris collection. In addition, the non-linting paper towels ensure a streak-free, pristine cleaning experience.

Peace Of Mind For Your Plumbing

Since they contain no synthetic fibers or additives, the company’s BPA-free bamboo products are fully biodegradable and therefore, septic-friendly, and RV and camper van safe. You can buy them in various quantities or as combo home packs on a one-time or subscription basis. Sample packs are also available!

Other products offered by the advocates for eco-conscious living include a selection of their proprietary air purifiers. These include the Purafide XP150, the only air purifier on the market with a "Tray-top" and XP280 H13 HEPA models with compact desk and countertop options.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Choose Purafide bamboo toilet paper for a pure, all-natural wipe without harmful chemicals. Unlike other sellers, we don’t use bleach to whiten our paper, ensuring a truly natural and safe product for you and your family.”

For BPA-free, 100% pure bamboo toilet paper and towels that are gentle for your skin and the environment, visit Purafide today!

For more details, go to https://www.purafide.com/

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