Easy-To-Use Rechargeable CIC OTC Hearing Aids Help Perceived Mild Loss

May 16, 2024

Thanks to Nano Hearing Aids (877-322-1942), good hearing just got easier to find. Their simple over the counter (OTC) aids are helping thousands of Americans with perceived mild hearing loss hear better again.

If you’re looking for a simple and affordable way to get your hearing back, Nano Hearing Aids thinks their easy-to-use OTC hearing aids are a great first choice.

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A Simple Hearing Solution For Perceived Mild Loss

Nano Hearing Aids is pleased to bring you both of their popular completely-in-canal (CIC) over-the-counter hearing aids- their NANO CIC Recharge OTC Hearing Aids (CIC2) and NANO CIC Digital Recharge OTC Hearing Aids (CIC4) - with a simpler and more user-friendly interface.

The team at Nano knows that their brand of over-the-counter hearing aids has become a trusted choice for many adults over the age of 18 who are seeking a convenient and affordable solution to their perceived mild hearing loss.

That’s why they are committed to making their technology easier to use, reflecting their belief that - if you have perceived mild hearing loss - you deserve a simple hearing solution. One that doesn’t cost you thousands of dollars or require you to make a bunch of appointments with an audiologist.

Nano’s CIC Aids – Easy To Use Every Day

Both their NANO CIC Recharge OTC Hearing Aids (CIC2) and NANO CIC Digital Recharge OTC Hearing Aids (CIC4) come with a simple push-button control, which you can use to power the aids on and off and adjust the volume. You can also use it to toggle between the aids’ different hearing modes. For example, when you are just in a normal listening environment versus when you are listening to music.

Both their CIC2 and CIC4 aids are fully rechargeable and come with a smart Bluetooth headphone-style charging case for on-the-go charging.

A spokesperson for Nano Hearing Aids said, “Take the hearing aids out of the charging case and pop them in your ears. Use the simple push button to turn them on and adjust the volume. That’s it! Easy to charge, easy to use - every day.”

Plus, as completely-in canal-aids, Nano has also designed these aids to be nearly invisible, offering you a completely discreet and unnoticeable look.

Nano Hearing Aids’ Useability Promise

In line with their commitment to making their hearing aids easier to use, Nano Hearing Aids is also offering you a 45-day happiness guarantee trial period on your new purchase. Plus, their customer service team is available online and over the phone 24/7 to answer any questions you have about how to use your new aids.

Their spokesperson added, “Nano Hearing Aids are for individuals 18 years and older with perceived mild hearing loss. If that’s you, it is our privilege to help you feel the emotions of life again with our hearing aids.”

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