Sea Salt Expert Eddie Kolos Invited As Distinguished Guest To MMR Award Ceremony

H2Ocean’s еxecutives, Eddie Kolos and Scott Stier, made it to the guest list of Mass Market Retailers’ annual ‘People Who Made A Difference’ awards ceremony this year. Want to know what they did to deserve this? Just visit their company’s website!

Sea Salt Expert Eddie Kolos Invited As Distinguished Guest To MMR Award Ceremony

Ever heard of Mass Market Retailers' annual 'People Who Made A Difference' awards?

Unless you've been living under a rock, you should know at least a company or two in its list of awardees.

Every year, MMR hosts an award ceremony to recognize notable figures from different organizations for their contributions to the industries they operate in. Its guest list comprises several distinguished invitees from various companies alongside the honorees for the ceremony.

In recognition of H2Ocean’s success in manufacturing 100% natural, sea salt-based beauty products, Mass Market Retailers recently invited the company’s executives to attend the award ceremony, held at Carnegie Hall earlier in 2022, alongside other distinguished guests and honorees.

This comes as an acknowledgment of H2Ocean’s increasing impact, which has earned its executives an invitation to prominent occasions honoring high-ranking professionals in the industry.

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This year, H2Ocean’s executives, Eddie Kolos and Scott Stier, joined MMR's list of distinguished invitees with awardees who have made a notable impact in sectors such as pharmaceuticals, health and wellness, beauty, retail shopping, and more. Among the winners are Scott Crawford, CMO at Fresh Direct, and Vandinima Shekhar, VP of wellness merchandising at Walmart US. Honoree profiles were published in the November MMR issue.

H2Ocean manufactures innovative sea salt-based products that have positively impacted the beauty, healthcare, and wellness industries, earning the company’s executives recognition at MMR’s awards ceremony.

The company makes tattoo and piercing aftercare balms, nasal mists, and mouthwashes using organic mineral-enriched sea salt hand-harvested from the Red Sea that provides you with quick healing and soothing effects.

H2Ocean also offers you vegan products like the CBD tattoo salve, Blue-green moisturizing soap, and other effective skincare solutions. To guarantee safety, the company puts its products through rigorous testing procedures to meet the FDA, cGMP, and EU health standards.

Founded by Eddie Kolos, H2Ocean sells its eco-friendly and organic beauty products to climate-savvy customers across the US, Canada, Singapore, Europe, and several other locations around the world since 2001.

H2Ocean is a brand dedicated to using the earth’s natural resources to transform health and beauty products around the world. Visit its website to find your own path to skin rejuvenation today!

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