Scottsdale: Improve Local Search Ranking With This Content Marketing Service

Aug 9, 2023

Not getting your expected ROI from SEO or PPC despite spending hundreds of dollars on each campaign? Maybe it’s time you tried Local Content Authority Publishing. Read on to learn more about this new approach to content marketing.

Sometimes, the only way to win is not to play the game. This is especially true when it comes to areas like SEO and PPC. Because think about it: if you and your competitors are paying Google to put your ads out there, who is Google going to prioritize?

The real answer is that by going the traditional route, your advantage is negligible.

This is the exact reason why Content Marketing Media has come up with Local Content Authority Publishing, a proprietary service that allows any type of business to achieve higher SERP rankings by leveraging the ranking power of authoritative websites and publishers.

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Local Content Authority Publishing is both a content marketing approach and a service that will let you publish branded content on a network of select publications and content-sharing platforms. The keyword here is “select” because Content Marketing Media only works with publications like Yahoo, AP, Bloomberg, Benzinga, and a few more of that caliber.

And upon being published on those platforms, ranking improvements are sped up, thanks to the authority juice that your site will receive from these high domain-authority sources. You will start to observe better SERP rankings in as little as 30 days!

That’s not all.

Another quality of Local Content Authority Publishing that enables it to outperform traditional SEO and PPC is hyperlocal targeting. This involves building a branded campaign that focuses on addressing the needs of a specific locality or demographic and positioning you—more specifically your product or service—as the best solution.

Content Marketing Media explains: “By zeroing in on a specific community or neighborhood, Local Content Authority Publishing guarantees marketing efforts finely tuned to the distinctive needs, desires, and inclinations of your chosen audience. This hyper-targeted technique yields increased engagement, stellar ROI, and ultimately, a surge in conversions.”

Now, you’re probably thinking, “Sounds good, but is all this Google-friendly?”

Friend, Local Content Authority Publishing was designed to be in line with Google’s own guidelines for improving local rankings!

According to Google, “relevance,” “distance,” and “prominence” are the primary factors that determine its ranking. With Local Content Authority Publishing, you’ll be able to hit all three because it’ll let you create content that proves your relevance, prominence, and proximity to your intended audience.

Right now, Content Marketing Media is looking to assist small businesses in their quest to reach Google’s first page. So, if you’re the proud owner of an HVAC company, dental clinic, restaurant, salon, accounting firm, or any business that serves Scottsdale or a nearby city, get in touch now before your competitors do!

You can learn more about Local Content Authority Publishing at

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