Scottsdale, AZ WordPress Site Maintenance: Get Website & Software Security

Dec 1, 2021

Do you need help with the complexities of WordPress maintenance? WebCare’s WordPress management service will give you the help you need and ensure that your site does not experience downtime.

An up-to-date and optimized website is essential for the success of your business. Trust your WordPress site management to the professionals!

WebCare’s newly launched WordPress services include a personal website concierge who builds a solid relationship with you to ensure your website is healthy and performing well.

More information is available at

This new service will be especially valuable to you as a WordPress user if you want or need professional support to take advantage of the intricacies of the WordPress platform.

To fulfill WebCare’s mission of giving big-agency services to small and mid-sized businesses, you will work with the same concierge continuously to build a solid relationship. The concierge will know your website inside and out and will communicate directly with you with recommendations and strategies for your site’s best performance.

You pay just for what is needed each month. You are not locked in to high monthly premiums that include tasks you do not need. In fact, you do not contract for any length of time. Your commitment is month to month, and 97% of customers stay a year or longer.

Website maintenance is often postponed in favor of more interesting tasks. According to WPAOS (a WordPress marketing firm), however, 87% of websites have high or medium security risks, 73% are running outdated and vulnerable software, and website data loss has increased by 400% since 2012.

These statistics show the importance of regular website maintenance. According to WebCare’s philosophy, website management should be proactive. Timely maintenance will keep your site running at peak performance, will minimize or eliminate security vulnerabilities, and will eliminate downtime.

With WebCare’s service, updates of core WordPress files and plugins are done twice weekly, and your whole site back-up, which is stored offline, takes place monthly.

Each concierge has a minimum of 3+ years working with WordPress websites prior to joining WebCare. Once they join, they train six months longer in SEO, design techniques, and advanced technical skills.

Located in Scottsdale, AZ, WebCare is a member of the award-winning Jolly Creative Agency family.

A satisfied customer wrote, “Thank you for all of the support for the past 3+ years. Your attention to details and to the build of my custom solutions has really helped my domestic and international expansion!”

Are you ready to give your website the care it needs so that your business can improve dramatically?

The link at has more information for you.

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