Scale Your Software Development Team Fast With Nearshore QA Engineer Outsourcing

Dec 13, 2022

Finding US-based IT talent is becoming increasingly difficult. The nearshore staffing solutions from ParallelStaff offer a cost-effective, reliable, and rapid solution.

Scale Your Software Development Team Fast With Nearshore QA Engineer Outsourcing

Whether you’re in need of QA engineers, front or back-end developers, or UX/UI experts, this US-based nearshore staffing company has you covered. With over 50,000 skilled and experienced developers from Latin America in the current talent pool, you can rest assured that you’ll find the right candidates.

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Engineers are well versed in the systems and processes used by American firms, and the fact that they’re in the same time zone means they can seamlessly integrate with your organization. ParallelStaff’s nearshore solution is one of the most cost-effective and scalable options if you’re seeking to augment your existing team.

A recent Korn Ferry study suggests that the current talent shortages are likely to continue well into the foreseeable future. It estimated that, by 2030, over 85 million positions could go unfilled, amounting to $8.5 trillion in lost potential revenue, adding that the adoption of new talent strategies will be key to addressing these issues.

ParallelStaff notes that shortages within the IT sector are particularly acute, and the firm’s nearshore staffing services offer you a more efficient alternative to traditional outsourcing. Hiring processes have also been streamlined, allowing you to onboard dedicated teams in 5-10 business days.

The company states that, to date, its nearshore staffing service has a 90% acceptance rate and an 80% skill match. In addition, ParallelStaff’s current talent pool has an annual attrition rate of less than 10%, meaning you will always get the highest level of quality.

Operating from its Richardson, Texas, headquarters, ParallelStaff sources IT talent from over 15 Latin American countries. All candidates undergo a comprehensive screening process, which includes English assessments, technical proficiency validation, and in-depth background checks. The success of the firm’s nearshore business model is expected to lead to further growth in the near future.

One client recently stated: “ParallelStaff is in the same timezone as our team, which has greatly aided us in terms of productivity, especially since we’re a very agile organization. They supply high-quality engineers who are always prepared to go above and beyond to add value to our development.”

The nearshore staffing solutions from ParallelStaff are a cost-effective, rapid, and reliable way to scale your existing IT capabilities.

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