Save On Hospital Energy Costs & Boost Profits With This Expense Auditing Service

Mar 10, 2024

Administrators in the hospital sector are uncovering significant savings on energy expenses thanks to Recession Resister, a comprehensive cost-cutting service that helps you boost profitability.

So, your hospital’s energy costs are soaring despite everyone doing their best to minimize waste wherever possible. Did you know that a significant amount of savings can be found in your expense bills? Not in the services per se, but in mistaken posts, transposed numbers, improper coding charges and improper meter reads that can lead to a build-up of overpayments month over month, year over year! And, if you’re not using specialized energy reduction systems with your HVAC, you can tack another 10% to 30% wasted monthly expenditures.

Curious to know where you’re being overcharged and how to reduce your hospital’s energy bills? Recession Resister specializes in these services. Give it a try for free, and only pay 50% of the savings they uncover, at

Recession Resister merges smart technology with a team of negotiation experts to offer your hospital a detailed energy audit designed to uncover overcharges, secure refunds, and lower service provider rates.


By reducing your hospital's major expenses, like electricity, gas, telecommunications, and more, Recession Resister can deliver significant financial optimization opportunities that in turn mean increased profits.

Imagine what you could do with a little more room in your budget. Create that cushion without lifting a finger.

A spokesperson for the platform explains:

“We’re here to help you cut your hospital’s overhead costs. Our Bill Saver technology is a software-enabled service that audits all utilities, telecommunications, and other services to identify billing errors - which we then have refunded - and service provider markups we can have reduced. And we do it all on your behalf so you can focus on providing the valuable front-line services our communities are so privileged to have."


While it's tough to provide an exact amount of savings, Recession Resister’s Bill Auditing service can examine years’ worth of your paid invoices to uncover all erroneous charges and mistakes deserving of a refund. According to the company’s team, overpayments like these happen more often than businesses realize.

Here are a few figures worth considering:

Research conducted within the US consumer market reveals the average cable bill has increased by 40% since 2010, outpacing inflation, and that millions of US homeowners are overpaying on basic services to the tune of a staggering $60 billion.


In addition to bill auditing and refund services, Recession Resister offers a bill negotiation service that can lower egregious markups on telecom, security, waste management, water delivery, and pest control costs.

The company’s energy auto-switching services can help you secure the most cost-efficient provider for your gas and electricity needs. If there's a better price out there for the services you're already enjoying, they'll find it.

An energy efficiency program can show you how to reduce your facility's HVAC consumption, providing an extra 10% - 30% savings.


Lighting, heating, and hot water use make up between 60% - 70% of hospital energy costs. To boost profitability and maintain sustainability, now you can look to the expense reduction experts at Recession Resister. They're here to provide a full range of expense savings opportunities you probably never knew you had.

Is it time to get your hospital's monthly overhead under control? Learn more and connect with Recession Resister right now, at

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