San Leandro Swim Coach Offers Live & Virtual Sessions For Stroke, Speed & More

Dec 19, 2022

An online swimming education platform called SWIMVICE, LLC, allows swimmers of any skill level to gain all the coaching and skills training they want to become better, faster, stronger swimmers. A 7-day free membership trial is available.

San Leandro Swim Coach Offers Live & Virtual Sessions For Stroke, Speed & More

If you're an avid swimmer, you know that when you're not at the pool swimming, you're thinking about swimming. Maybe you obsess over your times, and what you could have done to improve them. Or maybe you're wondering how to improve your breathing, or your stroke so you can swim a 1600, or 3200 with no trouble.

Did you know there's an online coaching service that you can turn to at any time to get the answers to your questions as well as tips to improve your technique? it's called SWIMVICE, and it's an online community of like-minded athletes and coaches where you can meet new people, and gain new insights into your favorite sport.

Right now, you can sign into the platform for a free 7-day trial, and then join on a monthly or yearly basis.

SWIMVICE is an easy-access, efficient, and convenient way for you to improve your technique through structured workout plans and coaching services that include video demos, drills, and technique building progressions.

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, you can also book in-person lessons and coaching to complement what you're learning online.

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Like any sport, a good foundation in technique is imperative. If you adopt bad habits early, not only does that affect your breathing and your stroke, but you'll have an extra hard time unlearning these habits and forcing your body to perform a proper, efficient technique.

This is where SWIMVICE comes in.

The online courses and coaching help you improve your stroke, speed, and/or stamina, regardless of your skill level. The best part? You can take in a lesson or two at any time, no pool required.

Your courses and resources at SWIMVICE include a blog that offers you advice on your mindset, swim gear, technique, and training; a community membership; video training; and inspiration through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Course bundles include an onboarding first step, SWIMVICE kickstart programs, a freestyle breathing series, treading water series, and a freestyle speed program.

SWIMVICE is owned and operated by Mandy Bradley, former head swim coach, UCSF Masters, at the university of California, San Francisco. Bradley’s style of coaching is systematic, helping swimmers improve their stroke, technique, and conditioning so they can reach their individual goals.

Bradley says, “I value the importance of always striving to improve through new, innovative ways of coaching to prevent injury and help swimmers enjoy the sport long term. Keeping swimmers motivated and engaged is one of my top priorities and I work to maintain that through fostering a positive community both online and offline with all members.”

The SWIMVICE platform gives you a chance to meet new people and learn new techniques. If you're in the Bay Area and you're someone that thrives on instant feedback and in-person coaching, book as many lessons as you like.

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