Professional Coach Gives Insights On How To Improve Freestyle Swimming Technique

Feb 4, 2023

Want to improve your timing as a swimmer? It’s time to switch up your training and uncover ways to fine-tune your form. SWIMVICE’s blog and video guides walk you through how to improve buoyancy, kick timing, and streamlining in the sport of swimming.

Professional Coach Gives Insights On How To Improve Freestyle Swimming Technique

Do you know how you can improve your timing as a swimmer? Start the timer 5 seconds later of course!

Oh, you're not here for my comedy hour? You actually want to learn how to clock a better time? Whoops, let me hand you over to Coach Mandy Bradley then......

Hey Coach!

.......Hi there, I'm Coach Bradley. I'm sorry for my comrade's short-lived amateur "comedy" set, but rest're in professional hands now. Welcome to our SWIMVICE platform, where I ACTUALLY teach swimmers like you how to become the best version of yourself!

Our latest content features tips and advice from my own experience, on how mindset, training, and gear can positively impact a swimmer’s efficiency in the water.

Go to to surf through my content.

In the past few years, when people spent extended periods of time social distancing, swimmers turned to online resources for new and impactful ways to stay fit and train solo. Building on that momentum, SWIMVICE's blog and video content continue to offer fresh training techniques that help athletes fine-tune their movement through the water.

While our platform details step-by-step instructions, it is further complemented by YouTube video tutorials that demonstrate how to put these techniques into practice. Seeing this training in action often helps you pinpoint weaknesses in your form, which, when corrected, can significantly improve your timing.

Our blog covers everything from introductory swimming strokes and buoyancy to more intricate skills that improve kick timing, rotation, and streamlining. With the different levels of instruction, from fundamentals all the way to advanced guides, we at SWIMVICE offer extensive content that covers topics for both beginners and experienced swimmers.

As SWIMVICE owner and operator, my style of coaching is systematic and involves helping you improve your stroke, technique, and conditioning. I believe in working with swimmers in these areas to solve problems and help them reach their goals.

Our website also features a ‘SWIMVICE Community’ portal, featuring more in-depth course packages that bring swimmers from across the globe together with the shared aim of improving their swimming technique. The multi-course digital platform helps you overcome individual limitations and target specific goals to further personal progress.

I also conduct private lessons in San Francisco, for swimmers requiring one-on-one training sessions.

A satisfied client said: “I could not swim at all. In 4 months, I am now able to swim confidently. In a few months’ time, I will hopefully complete a Half Ironman. Mandy is able to explain things in a simple way and in a way that I can remember when I am doing my own drills.”

The SWIMVICE community has a wealth of knowledge for you to unlock, and we are not about gatekeeping pro tips that can drastically improve your skills as a swimmer. We're ready to spill all our secrets, so come join in on the fun.

Want to learn more about SWIMVICE, our swimming community, and coaching methods? Go to to take your training to the next level.

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