San Diego Health Practice Marketing Made Easy With Content & Media Campaigns

Jul 29, 2022

Content is the future of digital marketing – and HAVOC Elevated are the go-to content marketing experts for your medical business!

San Diego Health Practice Marketing Made Easy With Content & Media Campaigns

If you’re in the health industry, you know how important your online reputation can be. What if you could get your brand featured on household media names like Apple Podcasts, Google News, and Bloomberg?

With HAVOC Elevated, you can now do just that - even if you don’t have a big brand budget!

The San Diego marketing agency announced a full-service content development and marketing solution for medical clinics across sectors. The agency specializes in the creation of professional multimedia branded content adapted to your needs.

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The latest announcement brings companies in the health industry access to an all-in-one marketing solution that leverages quality media content published on reputable digital platforms. The system combines advanced automation with the skill of a team of experienced content writers to create effective content campaigns for your medical clinic.

At the core of the new service package is professional news article writing, with your business being featured in a professional article centered on your brand, products, or services. The content is fully optimized for online visibility and published on hundreds of high-authority media networks.

HAVOC Elevated will also create blogs, podcasts, infographics, slideshows, and videos focused on your brand - all part of a strategic content campaign designed to connect your medical business with your target audience.

Unlike paid advertising, where the content disappears once the subscription expires, the content published as part of the agency’s new service will stay online for up to several years - making it an important branding asset for your business.

The San Diego agency also provides a complete business listing and general marketing consulting.

A satisfied client said: “I had the chance to work with Cory and realized how many missed opportunities I was experiencing with my client list and recalls. It was very useful that I learned how to setup recall lists, email promos, and auto-replies. I even have my own “business number” that forwards my business calls to my cell. It helps me to keep my personal and work life separate. I love it - working with Cory is amazing! He is extremely attentive and helpful. Thank you, Cory, for your expertise and for teaching me how to run my business better.”

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