Branded Content Marketing For La Jolla Medical Spas Improves Brand Awareness

Dec 22, 2022

Lay waste to your competition with HAVOC Elevated (619-503-0281) – the best multimedia content marketing agency for medical spas and clinics in California!

Branded Content Marketing For La Jolla Medical Spas Improves Brand Awareness

When I first started my own business I realized really quickly that I would get nowhere if I couldn't find a way to reach people who are actually buying what I'm selling.

I bought some Google ads, and even put up some traditional posters but it didn't get me the kind of traffic I needed to kick things off. And then I got to thinking, how do people find goods and services in the first place, how do they discover stores, cafes, plumbers, etc. - and then it clicked: they google it!

It's so obvious, right? If you're arguing with your Dad about who won the Men's 100m finale at the 2004 Athens Olympics (it was Justin Gatlin btw!), you will settle the argument by simply googling the right answer.

If you find yourself in an unfamiliar city in urgent need of coffee, you will use Google to find the nearest best coffee shop - and so on!

That's when I figured out what I needed: my business to pop up on top of Google page one when someone looks up my services. But knowing what you need and knowing how to get there are two completely different things.

Luckily, there are people who know how to get my business, your business, or any other business on top of Google.

If you're in the La Jolla area and you own a medical spa or clinic, HAVOC Elevated can help you reach your goals. It offers branded content marketing designed to improve your online visibility and brand awareness.

The agency develops branding strategies tailored to the needs of your small to medium-sized local business. By sharing informative content about your brand, services, or products across various platforms, you can build brand trust. It's simple, really - once people see your company featured on major news sites, they will be more inclined to do business with you.

“Our multimedia branding service helps local clinics and spas build authority in their market and improve brand awareness,” stated HAVOC Elevated founder, Cory Verissimo-Seelman. “We create finely crafted omnichannel marketing assets, which focus on various products, services, features, and problems a business solves,” he added.

HAVOC Elevated offers monthly packages so you can strategically target different services and areas each month. This comprehensive marketing solution takes an omnichannel approach to build your brand and authority. And here's the best part: the whole thing is DFY - all content written by professional writers.

Along with building brand awareness and client trust, you will also improve your online visibility and Google ranking. As each multimedia campaign is designed to target specific keywords and locations, you can reach more local clients who are searching for your services. That's right, next time some googles "La Jolla Medical Spa Facial Treatment" your clinic will show up!

And on top of that, you get lots of positive media coverage for your brand name, which helps you control the online brand narrative - and you do wanna do that because it can affect your overall reputation and authority.

With HAVOC Elevated, you can build brand awareness and establish yourself as an expert in your field. Founded and led by Cory Verissimo-Seelman, the agency provides automated marketing assistants, in addition to content and multimedia branding solutions.

And now comes the kicker! You know how I told that whole story about how people find goods and services? Well, let me ask you now: How did you find this article? Maybe you googled "content marketing for La Jolla spas" or "brand marketing expert in La Jolla" - whatever. Guess what? You're experiencing the power of content marketing as you're reading this! Welcome to the brave new world!

So check out to learn how you can get your business featured on news sites, blogs, podcast directories, and more! (Silly humor is optional - but does add a personal touch.)

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