Top Mira Mesa Content Creators For Medical Clinics & Spas: Improve Google Ranks

Oct 6, 2022

HAVOC Elevated (619-503-0281) specializes in creating unique multimedia marketing campaigns for your Mira Mesa medical clinic or spa, to improve your Google search rankings and draw in new customers using interesting content.

Top Mira Mesa Content Creators For Medical Clinics & Spas: Improve Google Ranks

When was the last time you saw an advertisement on TV, and then went out and bought that product?

Or the last time you intentionally clicked on an advertisement while browsing the Internet?

Chances are, it wasn't very recently, even though we're bombarded with ads all day, every day, everywhere we look.

In fact, that's exactly the problem - we see so many ads, we've learned to completely ignore them.

Recent research into advertising trends by HAVAS has shown that up to 84% of consumers now expect brands to create unique content, instead of just advertisements. In response, HAVOC Elevated offers branded multimedia marketing campaigns for medical facilities in Mira Mesa, that include professionally authored content in all the most popular formats.

Visit to learn how to get your own professionally authored content.

This change in customer behavior follows a growing trend among consumers to ignore blatant advertisements in favor of informative content. HAVOC Elevated’s branded multimedia marketing campaigns empower your brand to benefit from this trend, with professional content that advertises your services and contains backlinks to your pages.

Using this strategy, HAVOC Elevated can improve your Google search ranking by promoting your products or services on a wide range of high-authority sites that backlink to your pages, and also improve your keyword reach through the use of multiple pages, each with unique headlines.

It probably sounds like a lot of work, creating podcasts, videos, and blogs - but the entire campaign is done for you - all you have to do is provide a website or other materials for reference. All the content for the campaigns is created by a professional team of writers and then submitted for your approval before it's published.

Recent statistics show that up to 80% of users ignore the sponsored ads at the top of the Google search results, showcasing the high number of consumers scrolling past advertisements in favor of content. The marketing campaigns include content such as blogs, podcasts, videos, slideshows, infographics, and press releases.

Branded multimedia content has the additional benefit of being both informative and easy to share, increasing the chances that viewers will pass the content on to their families and friends. Video content alone has become up to 1200% more likely to be shared than text articles, increasing the chances that your branded content will go viral. Visit to learn more about how content marketing works.

These done-for-you branded multimedia marketing campaigns have also been shown to have a cumulative effect when used over a longer period, unlike traditional advertising, which is ineffective once the ads are no longer being shown. Your marketing content is never removed, and as it accumulates online, it continues to increase your brand’s ranking with search engine algorithms.

HAVOC Elevated offers a brief video on its website that provides more information about the content creation process, and how you can get a branded multimedia marketing campaign for your business.

To make a long story short - nobody likes advertisements, they're annoying, and we're so oversaturated, that the only way to cope is to learn to ignore them.

So skip the ads, and give your potential customers something they want instead - branded blogs, podcasts, videos, and more - that provide them with the information they want, when they want it, and also conveniently have links back to your online store or website.

Visit to learn more about branded multimedia content, and how you can get your own professionally created campaign.

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