Best Marketing Strategies For La Jolla Medical Spas | Get Branded Blogs & Videos

Nov 16, 2022

Having trouble getting new customers for your medical spa or clinic? Maybe you’re just using the wrong marketing strategy. Check out this new ultimate guide from HAVOC Elevated, and see if content marketing is right for you.

Best Marketing Strategies For La Jolla Medical Spas | Get Branded Blogs & Videos

When you're looking to try out a new product or service, do you start watching ads on TV or online to find the right one?

Of course not, and neither do your customers.

If you're like most people, you start a Google search for something like "Best Medical Spa In Chicago," or "Top Relaxing Med Spa For..."

The problem is, no matter how much you spend on ads, you still won't get the top organic search rankings.

There are more marketing strategies used today than ever before, but the vast majority are just different methods and media forms for displaying ads. HAVOC Elevated has a new guide that explores content marketing strategies that your medical spa or clinic can use to increase its online visibility and top the search rankings, without using traditional advertising.

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The new guide examines the cost-effectiveness of content marketing, how it affects brand visibility, and the duration of the effect. While traditional advertising methods become ineffective as soon as your advertisement is no longer displayed, content marketing has a lasting effect due to the content staying live and accessible indefinitely.

While traditional advertising techniques rely on forcing your potential customers to see or hear an ad, the guide explains that content marketing takes a different approach, by allowing consumers to find the content organically. This most often happens when a user is looking for a similar product or service, or seeking more information online, and as a result, they are often more receptive to information about your brand.

The best time to show off your brand to potential new customers isn't in the middle of their favorite TV show, or interrupting a YouTube video they're watching - it's when they're actively looking for information about the type of service you offer.

The guide explains that content marketing uses professionally authored blogs, podcasts, videos, infographics, and more, to get your potential customers interested in your brand. The additional content about your brand, with links back to your company’s website, helps to improve its search rankings.

Every additional piece of content builds your brand’s “domain authority” with popular search engines, which is one of the key factors used to determine which pages will rank near the top. Since the content does not expire, HAVOC Elevated explains that this allows your brand to compete for even the most competitive keywords, in any niche, using long-term campaigns.

Content marketing uses a variety of content types to ensure that consumers will find interesting information about your brand in whatever media format they prefer, whether that's a podcast, a press release, or something else entirely.

What if you're not a great blog writer though? Not to worry.

Every piece of content is created by a professional team of writers and marketing professionals and is available for you to review before it goes live online. You keep complete control over your content, but you never have to write a single article or record any videos.

An excerpt from the report reads, “Content can be written that will attract anyone from skateboarding youths to mid-career financial investors. No matter what type of clinic or business you operate, or what industry you work within, you can be sure that content marketing has a place in it.”

If you were looking for a new medical spa, would you pick the one with the most advertisements or the one that consistently shows up at the top of the search results, with blogs, podcasts, and articles that have headlines similar to "Most Relaxing Med Spa 2022," and "Best Med Spa For Anti-Aging"?

I know which one I would pick - and it's not the one that keeps pestering me with advertisements.

Visit to read the full guide, and see if content marketing is right for you.

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