Rockville Probate Real Estate Agent Helps Find Buyers For Inherited Properties

May 22, 2023

Rockville, MD – probate realtor Marc Cormier of Bershire Hathaway Pen Fed Realty (301-660-6272) will guide you through probate property sales, ensuring a stress free process and maximum returns.

If you’ve ever handled a loved one’s estate, you know just how daunting the probate process can be - but truth be told, it shouldn’t be so, especially with expert guidance.

Luckily, that’s where Marc Cormier, Rockville’s trusted probate realtor comes in. The seasoned agent has over 20 years of experience under his belt, and understands the intricacies of probate real estate transactions.

He offers end-to-end services encompassing all aspects of the settlement process to provide a hands-off, quick, and efficient way to help you sell inherited properties that are under probate.

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Marc Cormier will help you stage the property, including helping you to declutter and pack your belongings. He also provides home improvement solutions, like fresh paint and carpeting, to make your home enticing to potential buyers and maximize its resale value.

Marc Cormier’s services extend beyond preparing your property for listing, though. If you want to sell the property as-is, the agent will make a cash offer based on the current state of the property and prevailing market rates. This service allows you to get your home off the market quickly while receiving top dollar for them.

As part of the service, Cormier will handle the complex aspects of the process, including verifying title deeds, clear letters of administration, and identify and resolve any safety or health issues that could affect the sale.

Furthermore, his services also include verifying the insurance status of the property before listing it to prevent any surprises after the closing.

While Marc Cormier is well-versed in the home selling process, he also provides a supportive role, assisting you in finding the right attorney and CPA who will guide you through the process. The agent’s ample experience in handling reverse mortgages is another invaluable expertise you can tap into to understand whether there are any liens against your property or any problems that could affect its value.

Cormier states he is committed to providing professional, comprehensive services aimed at helping grieving families navigate the probate process with ease.

Cormier says, "We are here to help you sell your probate real estate. We have the experience and resources necessary to get your property sold quickly and for top dollar."

With an experienced probate realtor like Marc Cormier by your side, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting the best possible outcome for you and your loved ones.

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