Robert August Has New Men’s Double Monk Chukka Boots For 2023’s Best Style

Jan 17, 2023

Put your best foot forward with Robert August’s new men’s Double Monk Chukka boots. They represent the best in form, function and fashion.

Robert August Has New Men’s Double Monk Chukka Boots For 2023’s Best Style

You’ll be on-trend all year round with a new pair of Double Monk Chukka boots from Robert August.

With their new design, Robert August has taken inspiration from the classic Double Monk men’s shoe, and reimagined it in boot form. Robert August's Double Monk Chukka boot is both formal and understated enough in style to make it your perfect new shoe for all occasions, especially in the winter.

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Robert August has released the new Double Monk Chukka boots as a part of their new 2023 collection. In their 2023 collection, they are channeling the looks that are set to define men’s footwear this year. As a recent writeup on GQ magazine explained, this year men’s boots are all about form and function meeting high-end fashion and boots that tread the smart/casual line.

Robert August is confident that their new Double Monk Chukka boots fit the style bill for the year. With a generally refined and simple silhouette, the boots give you a splash of manly style with their chunky double buckles.

They also combine both fashion and function given their durable artisan construction. You’ll appreciate that all of Robert August’s new Double Monk Chukka boots are made using a goodyear welt in high-quality European calf leather. They have also been handcrafted in the brand’s boutique Spanish workshop in Almansa. This town has been renowned internationally for its shoemaking since the early 18th century.

The centerpiece of Robert August’s new Double Monk collection is their The Elm Street Double Monk Chukka Boot No. 8119. This quality new boot is available to you in dark brown leather with accenting gold buckles and a dark red hand-painted leather sole. It also features a traditional English rounded toe.

Should you want a slightly different interpretation of the iconic Double Monk style, Robert August is now also offering you the opportunity to get in the design seat and customize your new boot. You can choose options like an artisan hand patina finish, genuine alligator and python, and you can also choose between timeless colors like black, navy blue, light brown or tan, cognac and burgundy.

Robert August will make your new Double Monk Chukka boots to order and ship them directly from Spain to your door.

A spokesperson for bespoke shoemakers said, “No two pairs of Robert August boots are alike—each is handcrafted with precision and care in our workshop in Almansa, Spain. With centuries of artisan shoemaking tradition, our shoes are renowned for their chic style and unrivaled quality. When you slip on a pair of Robert August boots, you can be confident that your look will always be on point.”

You won’t take a wrong step this year wearing a pair of Robert August’s new luxury boots.

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