rfxcel offers manufacturer’s Track & Trace Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Software

Feb 9, 2023

You need to ensure secure, effective data exchange across the entire supply chain – and compliance with regulatory requirements. That means accurate, real-time data and a comprehensive understanding of the regulations in each market. Contact rfxcel ([email protected]).

rfxcel offers manufacturer's Track & Trace Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Software

The most difficult countries industry-wide are those with weak regulatory and enforcement systems, corruption, and a lack of resources to support compliance. Examples include China, India, Russia, and Brazil - which as you know, is a little unfortunate since they are big players! Additionally, countries with decentralized healthcare systems can be particularly difficult to navigate.

rfxcel, a division of Antares Vision Group, a global leader in serialization, offers pharmaceutical enterprise solutions for end-to-end traceability, IoT environmental monitoring, and regulatory compliance. As the industry experiences a large global digital supply chain transformation, the company provides cloud-based and scalable serialization software solutions, designed in accordance with the internationally accepted GAMP5, ISO90001, ISO27001, 21CFR Part 11, EU Annex11, and GS1 standards.

You can find an example at https://rfxcel.com/uzbekistan-pharma-serialization

The expert team at rfxcel now works with thousands of trading partners worldwide and recognizes the individual needs of each member in the trading partner ecosystem - enabling them to untangle the confusing maze of serialization standards and implement effective program solutions. Furthermore, rfxcel, which maintains offices in countries around the world and works closely with all global government agencies, ensures that clients will be compliant no matter where they do business.

You can see another report at https://rfxcel.com/kazakhstan-serialization-and-traceability-requirements

The global compliance and traceability solutions market is growing at over 13% annually - a trend that is expected to continue through the decade, due to the spike in demand for traceability solutions from various industries - especially the food and pharma sectors. Recent improvements in compliance and traceability systems, such as real-time monitoring and RFID technology, have contributed to market growth.

Since the global supply chain market requires absolute traceability, organizations that deploy supply chain visibility solutions enjoy improved efficiencies, save money, and can adapt swiftly to meet new market demands. rfxcel Supply Chain Visibility Software provides end-to-end visibility of product supply chains - from the use of ingredients in the manufacturing process to the distribution of the final product to the end consumer.

You can learn more at https://rfxcel.com/uae-pharmaceutical-products-traceability

Additionally, meeting global pharmaceutical compliance requirements typically necessitates a significant investment and a shift in business processes. While your firm needs to use that investment to protect the supply chain from theft, diversion, and counterfeiting, rfxcel helps you use that software solution to gain additional insights that will yield a more productive and efficient supply chain.

By continuously monitoring incoming data, rfxcel helps you to capture and leverage quality data for better business intelligence - resulting in better business outcomes and lower supply chain costs for their customers.

Countries' laws for ensuring patient safety and combating the entry of counterfeit drugs into the supply chain vary greatly, adding many layers of complexity for pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. This makes it especially important that pharmaceutical companies partner with a company that understands global compliance requirements.

One partner commented: “We have been a strategic partner with rfxcel since 2015. They have been outstanding in all of our interactions with them. Stable platform and great business team.”

A telling fact is that employees report loving working at rfxcel - as surefire an indication as anyone needs that this is a strong, healthy firm that delivers results for its partners.

You can call any one of their offices worldwide or just go to https://rfxcel.com/solutions/pharmaceutical-compliance and see how they help solve problems like yours - every day and everywhere.

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