Product Tracking For Food Sector Distributors With Leading IoT-Enabled Software

May 29, 2023

Are you meeting consumer demand for more information about the food they purchase? Do you want an easy cloud-based system that lets you track your inventory from end to end while helping build a stronger bond with customers? With rfxcel, you can do it all!

Are you in need of a new software solution for tracking your food products across the supply chain? Technology has changed the game for partners across all sectors but are you keeping up with the pace of change? For the ultimate all-in-one cloud-based system that meets compliance directives, offers remote inventory management, and promotes transparency for your customers, choose rfxcel!

The rfxcel software offers you innovative technology to trace products at every stage in the supply chain. The company's proprietary Traceability System (rTS) is a comprehensive and industry-leading suite of applications that powers and optimizes productivity and quality control across the entire food supply continuum.

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While rTS finds application across multiple sectors, its powerful cloud-based monitoring system offers much-needed innovation in the food sector, delivering higher-quality products while meeting compliance obligations The software improves your business processes with advanced analytics, helping you preempt problems and manage your goods remotely.

According to Bain & Company's recent Global Traceability Survey, 68% of executives view the issue of traceability as important to their business. However, the implementation of this ideal has proved to be both complex and at times painful. Just 58% of those surveyed had begun to adopt specific software for their supply chain with just 15% capturing value at scale.

These statistics highlight how crucial rfxcel's rTS system will prove in updating supply chain traceability solutions in the digital age. Thanks to the software's Integration Server, you can map, transform, and manage data while the rfxchange empowers stronger connections with your trading partners.

Another facet of rTS is its Integrated Monitoring (rIM). By serializing every product - down to the unit level - you can remotely monitor inventory when in transit, from farm to fork. This type of end-to-end traceability ensures quality control at every node of your supply chain.

For food industry partners, this allows tracking according to a variety of variables including the temperature, humidity, tilt, and light exposure of the goods. QR codes displayed on product packaging also help you connect with consumers who want to know where their food has come from and that they are buying verified items.

About rfxcel

The company is part of the Antares Vision Group and was co-founded by Glenn Abood and Jack Tarkoff in 2003. Since its inception, the team has pioneered digital traceability technology that meets the demands of global compliance while driving value for trading partners and consumers.

A spokesperson says, “One system does everything: an integrated serialization and track & trace platform with real-time data from IoT-enabled devices.”

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