Enhance Brand Protection With A Traceability Solution For Food Manufacturers

May 16, 2023

The food industry needs transparency to rebuild consumer trust and, thanks to rfxcel, your company can plug into an all-in-one compliance, serialization, and traceability system that ticks all the regulatory boxes while increasing revenue!

What are you doing to protect your food brand against counterfeiting, theft, diversion, and public mistrust? Chances are you're not doing enough but - thanks to rfxcel's software - you can have a ready-made solution to brand protection, supply chain management, and compliance. Talk to the team today.

The company - which is part of the Antares Vision Group - is a global leader in serialization, compliance, and consumer engagement - providing you with a robust defense against supply chain threats. rfxcel helps protect partners, transactions, and consumers alike through intuitive, interactive software, preserving your brand integrity in the process.

Take the pain out of supply chain management and protect your reputation too with rfxcel. More details at https://rfxcel.com/supply-chain-threats-brand-protection-strategy/

There are three main areas that rfxcel's brand protection strategy addresses. Firstly, the growing problem of counterfeit foods and pirated goods is counteracted by the software's innovative authentication solutions - assigning unique digital identities to each of your products, down to the unit level, enabling supply chain partners to verify goods while offering consumers a chance to collaborate in combating fake, inferior foods.

Secondly, rfxcel helps you tackle the threat of diversions and thefts with powerful, cloud-based track and trace technology. This also ensures that your food products are delivered on time which has implications for the safety of goods and the public at large. As a result, retailers and consumers know they can trust your brand to deliver high-quality products.

Thirdly, rfxcel enables real-time monitoring of every product in your supply chain. This makes it easier to recall goods with minimal delay which helps reduce health hazards for consumers and safeguards your brand from negative publicity.

rfxcel's brand protection features leverage the capabilites of serialization. Via a QR Code, this gives consumers access to a rich vein of data and information about a product's origins as well as interactive experiences. This two-way flow of data helps to cement the customer/brand bond.

Other features of the rfxcel platform include mobile traceability. This allows you to monitor your supply chain from anywhere in the world, preempting inventory issues and troubleshooting problems remotely.

Company founders Glenn Abood and Jack Tarkoff are committed to developing user-friendly software for supply chain management, delivering better outcomes for customers and businesses alike. Join the supply chain revolution now!

A spokesperson says, “Your brand protection strategy is your firewall. It’s how you shield your business from things that can harm it. And many — if not most — of the factors that can harm your brand are directly related to your supply chain.”

For more info, go to https://rfxcel.com/supply-chain-threats-brand-protection-strategy/

Protect your brand! It's all in hand with rfxcel!

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