Replace Traditional Business Cards With Custom Minted NFC Smart Challenge Coins

Jan 7, 2023

Looking to source promotional merchandise for your business that is sure to make an impact? Gray Water Ops has new challenge coin designs that are guaranteed to wow potential customers.

Replace Traditional Business Cards With Custom Minted NFC Smart Challenge Coins

In a business networking setting, it can be a struggle to make an impact when you only have a moment with a potential client. Even the most carefully thought-out business card in the world can still get lost in a pocket or suitcase and forgotten immediately. However, thanks to Gray Water Ops, there is now an alternative.

The company's new patented challenge coin designs offer you a way to make a stunning first impression. Not only are these solid bronze, enamel-faced coins a way to instantly boost your credibility with potential clients, but they also house programmable NFC chips!

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These new coins have been intentionally designed as a business card alternative; the proprietary NFC integration that Gray Water Ops is known for can be programmed to instantly link to company websites, transmit contact data, and execute commands. These chips are compatible with most modern smart devices and can be activated by passing the coin over the receiver.

NFC integrations offer the same conveniences as a traditional business card, but save in terms of speed and impact. Studies suggest that in a typical networking setting, most business cards go forgotten and uncontacted; an enamel NFC challenge coin, on the other hand, is statistically more likely to result in a long-term connection.

You can design your challenge coin based on a variety of popular templates, or commission unique, original designs from the company’s in-house team. Many customization options are available, including soft and hard enamel, metal plating, reeded edges, and alterations in the shape and size of the coin.

Prior to this announcement, Gray Water Ops had designed challenge coins for veterans’ organizations, public service members, Greek Life groups, and more. Now, your business can take advantage of these products in the same way that nonprofit groups have in the past as part of this new expansion.

One customer said “We could not be more pleased. There was an insanely fast turnaround on communications and orders. I’ve never experienced this high level of attention, detail, and customer care that GWO provides on a consistent basis. Looking forward to a long-term relationship with this company.”

Not only does Gray Water Ops provide a quality product, they are also devoted to your satisfaction and will workshop your order with you until you are totally satisfied with the product. No other coin on the market pairs quality craftsmanship with built-in utility; there simply is no alternative to Gray Water Ops!

Gray Water Ops is a veteran-owned and operated business, and have committed themselves to serving not only their customers, but also veterans’ communities and health organizations. 50% of every fundraiser goes towards organizations that support the well-being of those who have formerly served or are serving in the armed forces.

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