Relax With A Sleep-Promoting Video Featuring Rain and Thunder Sounds For A Restful Night

Jul 7, 2021

Time to take care of the vital element of sleep in your health improvement plan. Magic Mind Meditation has posted a new video of natural rainstorm sounds to promote deep sleep and wellness.

Do you have good health habits but still don’t get enough sleep? You’re not alone if daily tasks and stress interfere with rest. But here’s a great way to improve sleep at no cost.

Magic Mind Meditation has posted a new soundtrack featuring heavy rain and thunderstorms. The hour-long video with a black screen can lull you into a deep sleep or tranquil meditation.

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The Rain and Thunder Sound for Sleeping program provide a simple, effective ambiance and multimedia experience that engages you and helps you relax without the need to invest in a costly dedicated sleep sound machine to take up space on your bedside table.

The black video limits visual distraction, which, if you’re into meditation you know is an important element in quieting the mind.

Did you know that researchers have found that natural sounds induce a focus on external influences, which have a calming effect on the brain? This is in contrast to an inward focus, which is associated with stress, according to Psychology Today.

Studies also show that sleep is equally important to your health as your diet and exercise regimen. If you sleep well you may tend to eat less. If you get good sleep you may also notice improvements in concentration and productivity. Your immune function may also get a boost, according to HealthLine.

On the other hand, lack of sufficient quality and quantity of sleep has been shown to contribute to higher weight, and greater risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and depression—all conditions you want to avoid.

Magic Mind Meditation is a comprehensive channel offering several types of audiovisual content for relaxation, meditation, rest, sleep, and wellness.

The Magic Mind Meditation YouTube channel features an extensive library of videos synced with holistic wellness soundtracks. Playlists include affirmations, healing waves, meditation and visualization, binaural beats, and pure notes.

The channel also posts videos with Solfeggio frequencies, which are musical tones used in chants since ancient times and associated with counterbalancing negative energy.

The variety of soundtracks can help you relax, meditate, and sleep by streaming music, sounds, and frequencies linked with mental, physical, and spiritual healing.

The videos on Magic Mind Meditation also include river sounds, alpha waves, health-tuned frequencies, transcendental meditation tracks, music for studying, and hypnotic pain relief. The channel adds new programming on a regular basis and is conveniently available online.

“I love the rain sound for calm and inner peace,” a commenter wrote about Rain and Thunder Sounds for Sleeping.

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