Reiki Healing Energy-Infused Necklaces, Rings & Bracelets For Attracting Love

Nov 13, 2022

Manifest your dreams faster when you raise your vibrations! Reiki Healing Store offers specially-made beautiful Reiki jewelry that is infused with healing energy.

Reiki Healing Energy-Infused Necklaces, Rings & Bracelets For Attracting Love

Since 2020, we have been living under the Age of Aquarius - a time of expanded consciousness where we are all called to be more mindful of the power of energies. THIS is the time where we need to align our paths to a more spiritual journey: One where everything in our lives is a reflection of our vibrations.

If you’re looking to increase your energetic levels even higher so that you can manifest with ease, try Reiki-infused jewelry today!

Reiki Healing Store is a well-known spiritual activation store for healing bracelets, rings, and necklaces. Each item is infused with positive and loving energy that protects you from negative auras.

The collection features Reiki jewelry that has been enhanced either by Reiki energy or carries within it one of the five words of power that are revered by Reiki practitioners. By opening up your body to universal life energy, you allow yourself to attract healing and positivity, consequently manifesting in better luck and stronger well-being.

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Reiki jewelry is a simple and fashionable way to balance the chakras. Similar to traditional Reiki healing, wearing several healing stones on the body gently unblocks chakra points and assists in balancing them out.

Placing positive energy into specific crystals “charges” them and allows them to emit healing energy or vibrations into you. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly feel lighter and happier once you wear Reiki-infused jewelry!

How does it work? It’s simple! Because the gem is activated to its highest form, it gently emits loving energy into your skin. The more the gem is in contact with you, the stronger its effect. Think of it as powerful food for your soul that you wear!

The most popular Reiki pieces are those that balance the crown chakra. Here, a purple gem such as amethyst, crystal quartz, or white topaz, is infused with Reiki energy. Practitioners often say that balancing the crown chakra is one of the most important steps to enlightenment, as this chakra represents pure consciousness and the psychic abilities of a person.

Reiki Healing Store also suggests looking for items with Lapis Lazuli and sodalite to balance the third eye. When in balance, this chakra brings a sense of feeling in tune with the physical world and the immaterial sphere. Wearing a Lapis Lazuli necklace, for example, helps you to trust your intuition more and become more connected to spiritual experiences.

Want something for love? Reiki Healing Store has items for that too! Part of their collection includes Reiki-infused jewelry to balance the heart chakra. This features a variety of necklaces, rings, and bracelets that carry gemstones associated with the heart chakra, such as jade, peridot, rose quartz, and amazonite.

Aside from Reiki jewelry, Reiki Healing Store also offers moon energy-infused crystals and items. These are meant for those who have a special connection with the moon and its energies. Moon jewelry can also enhance other Reiki-infused items.

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