Read This Before Buying a New Vehicle in Colorado Springs

Sep 30, 2016

In the interested of saving time and money, it is important for everyone to know which is best for them, whether it is buying a used car or a new car.

New Car Vs Used Car in Colorado Springs The automobile industry in Colorado Springs is one of the largest and rapidly growing industries in the USA. Its share in the country’s automobile market is fairly good with the annual production of 3.6 million cars. But if some people are confused, whether should they buy a new or used car, truck or SUV in Colorado Springs then they can visit stores like Suss Superstore in Colorado Springs to help. Though driving a new car has a number of benefits like its high end features, can make the ride more joyful, but a used car can provide a comfortable ride very economically. Some pros and cons of new as well as used cars are given here, to clear all doubts in this regard. Pros of buying a new car Mental peace: The buyer of a new car has mental peace due to the warranty and road side assistance ensured by its manufacturer and dealership, both of whom own responsibility for mechanical repairs to the vehicle during the warranty period. New technique: A new car is supported with the latest technologies and high end features to improve its performance and driving experience to the next level. Low maintenance: The budget for the maintenance of a new car can be very low in comparison with a used car, it will need fewer visits to a garage. All the replaceable parts in a car like tires, brakes, oil and clutch can go thousands of miles before their replacement. Cons of buying a new car High price: The price of a new car can be many times higher than used ones. Its higher price can be hard to afford even if has a strong and reliable engine and its shiny looks, attract people at first glance. Another thing that can sway one against purchasing a new car, is it depreciates more than a used car. Its resale value can drastically reduce by 35-40% within 1-2 years. Pros of buying a used car Certified and inspected cars: All their used cars are properly inspected and repaired by Suss, before certifying it for sale. In order to provide maximum benefits to the buyer, they perform endurance tests on their used vehicles. Warranty: Many of the cars available at Suss Superstore are under the original factory warranty offered by their respective manufacturers. One can extend their warranty by paying very little additional cost to their warranty, for long time. More value for the money: People can get more value for their hard earned money by buying a used vehicle, if it can fulfill their needs, rather than buying a new vehicle. Cons of buying a used car There are lesser risks and disadvantages of used cars than a new car. One will have to compromise with the features and looks of the used car, but are free to add them anytime, to give it a newer look. Thus, anyone can easily decide, should they buy a new or used car, truck or SUV in Colorado Springs by visiting the Suss Superstore to guide them.
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