Read The Definitive Travel Guide To Kauai & Find Out The Best Things To Do

Oct 16, 2023

Are you currently planning your tropical island vacation, but don’t know where to begin? The Hawaiian Island Travel Network can help!

Let's play a game of word association. When I say "Hawaii", what's the first thing that pops into your head?

Is it the cerulean waves, speckled with surfers riding the tide? Maybe a pina colada, served frosty-cold in a freshly cracked coconut? The tropical scenery, palm trees swaying gently in the sea breeze?

Or maybe it's all of the above - a collage portrait of the perfect tropical vacation...

Luckily for us all - and especially for you - it's all real, and it's all within your grasp. It is the perfect season to visit Hawaii, and if you are planning to do so any time soon, the Hawaiian Island Travel Network wants to help you plan your pitch-perfect trip!

They have recently published a fantastic new guide to the lesser-known but truly magnificent island of Kauai - a paradise within a paradise, Hawaii's oldest and most overlooked island, and the ideal choice for your tropical getaway!

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The Hawaiian Island Travel Network knows that, when you vacation, you don't necessarily want to fight the crowds to find your peace. This is why their new Kauai guide emphasizes the natural beauty and splendor that the island offers. Take a deep breath - you can almost smell the salty air...

Fun fact!

Kauai's tropical and untamed nature has made it a popular backdrop for many adventure films over the years, including many of your favorites! Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park, and King Kong were all filmed on the island at one point!

Interested? Then check out the new article! It discusses the Kauai Movie Tour Adventure, a guided adventure that will take you to locations from the many films that were shot on the island of Kauai.

Or maybe you're a thrill-seeker?

Read the guide to find out how you can explore the natural beauty of Kauai in the most exciting way possible, be that by way of kayak, horseback tour, zipline, or even helicopter! Once you're ready to reserve any of these attractions, the site can direct you to the best deals!

Overall, the newly published guide sheds light on Kauai as a more laid-back destination for travelers to Hawaii, many of whom may otherwise overlook the island in favor of the much larger Maui or more popular Oahu.

As the guide explains, despite its relative lack of popularity, the island of Kauai still boasts a wide range of attractions both man-made and natural. Among these, and perhaps foremost among them, is the so-called “Grand Canyon of the Pacific”, the Waimea Canyon. More information regarding how to best explore this area is available in the article.

Remember, when planning your dream vacation, there's no reason to cut corners. Take your time, plan carefully, and make the most of it! The Hawaiian Island Travel Network is here as an insider resource to help you find the BEST attractions and make sure you are maximizing your experience in the tropical paradise!

Click here to read the full guide!

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