Reach Your Target Audience With New Media Marketing Company In Westport, CT

Aug 3, 2021

LocalFactor is a new technology-driven advertising and media company based in Westport, CT. Founded by Evan Rutchik, the company helps SMBs and Enterprise brands understand, maximize, and scale local audiences.

Are you a locally focused business wanting to scale your visibility? Or are you a big brand who thinks national advertising is all you need? This new advertising company is exactly what you need!

Evan Rutchik, a well-known entrepreneur, announced the launch of his new technology-driven multi-platform advertising company, LocalFactor, for all sized businesses, globally. The new company helps you maximize the value of local audiences and increase visibility through localized media campaigns.

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The newly launched company differentiates itself from other brands with its unique business model that leverages the latest technologies and delivers actionable insights, increased performance, and future proofed targeting. Rutchik explains that the goal of LocalFactor is for deep, and not wide, media coverage to reach your target audience.

This provides a scalable measure of success that encourages you to connect directly with your customers. The team behind the company utilizes their decades of combined experience in advertising and marketing to craft micro-targeted campaigns that strengthen your credibility and deliver performance.

LocalFactor uses the latest AI technology and cryptography to focus on optimized and fraud free supply paths to help you scale your campaigns across a localized inventory at pinpoint precision and efficient costs. Rutchik explains that, by simplifying the demand and supply infrastructure, you can receive better pricing and performance. Further details about Rutchik can be found at

Evan Rutchik founded LocalFactor after noticing an unaddressed need in the market to create and maximize value for SMBs and Enterprise brands leveraging local audiences and localized inventory. Using his knowledge as an entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist, Rutchik built the company to deliver well-timed and well-targeted campaigns that provide valuable business and audience insights, deliver in brand safe environments, and drive performance.

Part of this vision includes leveraging real-time data graphs built without cookies. This means that each media campaign could potentially target more than 100 million households and more than 600 million devices, across 70,000 audience segments in a future proofed and scalable way.

The company delivers its campaigns across all types of devices and inventory, hyper focused on providing value for businesses and brands where they have yet to find efficiencies.

Rutchik writes, “For too long, brands have missed out on a vital optimization lever to drive performance, and most businesses have never had access to premium localized media, until now. LocalFactor provides marketers of all shapes and sizes access to quality fraud-free local inventory, performance driven insights, and a custom audience builder built to scale. “

Technology plus creativity equals success. We have everything you need to improve your online visibility.

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