Queens, NY Paving Contractor For Parking Lot Installation & Sealcoating

Apr 1, 2024

Looking for a cost-efficient way to boost your business’s curb appeal? A well-laid and well-maintained asphalt parking lot can smoothly drive customers to your door. For high-quality workmanship and premier paving services that’ll stand the test of time, call Grey Ruso Construction (718-358-1836) today!

What does the current state of your parking lot say about your business? We all know first impressions are crucial, and how a property looks is a key component. Before your customers even set foot into your building, they see and drive through your parking lot. With Grey Ruso Construction, your parking lot will say all the right things for many years to come.

So go ahead, check out their services at https://www.greyruso.com, and pave your way to better business!

The Queens-based contractor installs, resurfaces, maintains, and repairs parking lots for commercial and special-purpose properties such as schools, gas stations, shopping centers, and apartment complexes. For over 35 years, they've provided top-quality installation, maintenance, and repair services for numerous asphalt pavement projects, from walkways to airports, while utilizing the latest tools and technology.

The paving process

When completing a paving project, particularly for a parking lot or street, they first evaluate the area, taking into account various factors such as traffic patterns, environmental impact, and drainage. This assessment helps to ensure there are no obstructions, such as underground utilities, trees, and other vegetation, and lessens the amount of environmental harm and disruption brought on by the paving operation.

A stable foundation

As part of their pre-paving groundwork, the team may also fill in any low-lying areas and level the ground to create a stable foundation. Other essential steps in their paving process include surface compaction to increase its density and stability and prevent future settling, which could lead to uneven surfaces or potholes, and completing finishing touches such as edging to ensure the surface is level and devoid of bumps or dips.

Once the physical paving process is completed, they perform a comprehensive inspection, which entails examining the surface to ensure the job was done correctly, fixing any issues, if applicable, and confirming the paved area is safe and secure.

Find out more about Grey Ruso Construction at https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Contractor/Grey-Ruso-Construction-119742549422698

Asphalt maintenance & pothole repairs

The company’s asphalt paving services also include repairing issues such as cracks and potholes and providing routine maintenance, which includes regular sealcoating to protect the asphalt from vehicle fluids and weather elements like rain, snow, hail, and UV rays. Additionally, they offer resurfacing as a cost-effective and time-efficient alternative to completely replacing an asphalt surface.

A satisfied client said: “As a licensed NYC construction superintendent, I deal with many companies in the construction trades. This company, by far, has excellent service and is punctual. I did not have to do anything except shake Mr. Ruso’s hand, and he delivered on his promises and produced an excellent product. I would not use any other paving company except Grey Ruso.”

Ready to get the wheels rolling on a first-rate parking lot? Call these asphalt paving specialists for an estimate today, or visit them at https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/edit?mid=1X8echn9996eXvTo53-bSW4Zll-TUsgw&usp=sharing

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