Queens, NY Parking Lot Maintenance Contractor Repairs Cracks & Potholes

Feb 1, 2024

Looking for the best parking lot contractor in Queens? Grey Ruso Construction (718-358-1836) brings you the installation, resurfacing, and sealing services you need to preserve your pavement.

Let this Queens parking lot contractor help you pave the way to smoother roads ahead with their comprehensive asphalt services!

Grey Ruso Construction will transform worn-down, cracked, and potholed eyesores into clean, safe, durable, and perfectly uniform champion parking lots!

For the smoothest paving services you need, visit https://www.greyruso.com/

Grey Ruso Construction’s paving solutions will help you maintain an attractive and weather-resistant parking lot all year round. What’s more, with their timely identification and repair of cracks and deficiencies, you’ll avoid the development of potholes and other serious and costly paving damage.

The Asphalt Contractor That Helps You To Stay Open

Grey Ruso Construction’s projects are planned and executed in stages to enable your businesses to stay open. From site preparation to the final walk-through, the company’s team works closely with you to reach your desired goals.

Why Asphalt Maintenance Matters

Weather changes such as spring rainfall and excessive traffic cause asphalt to erode and weaken the supportive structural layers of the pavement. Therefore, regular asphalt maintenance is crucial to avert water damage and prolong your pavement’s longevity.

Awesome Asphalt Pavement Installations

If you need a total pavement replacement, Grey Ruso Construction will conduct thorough site preparation and grading before installing a base layer. Following this, they will apply asphalt materials that typically combine stone, sand, and gravel with binders. Upon completion, the parking lot contractor performs an evaluation to ensure the smoothness and quality of your pavement.

Pavement Repairs & Resurfacing

To rectify damage to the top layer of asphalt, Grey Ruso Construction offers resurfacing to restore a uniform profile and improve appearance. You can also receive regular sealcoating services to protect your pavement from UV rays, snow, rain, and fuel spillages.

In addition to parking lots, the company provides asphalt services for businesses and commercial properties of all sizes. These range from driveways to roadways, municipalities, schools, sports grounds, apartment complexes, and airports.

About Grey Ruso Construction

Founded in 1987, Grey Ruso Construction is a full-service asphalt and concrete paving contractor for commercial, industrial, and residential customers. Together with Queens, the company’s service area includes The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Staten Island in New York alongside Northern New Jersey.

A satisfied customer said: “We have used Grey Ruso for multiple projects. They have always been responsive and deliver quality results. Greg and his team show up on time with sufficient help and great equipment. I highly recommend this company.”

For the best asphalt parking lot contractor in Queens, call Grey Ruso Construction today at 718-358-1836!

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