Fuquay-Varina’s Top Pest Control Company Exterminates Wolf Spiders & Orb Weavers

May 22, 2024

If spiders are one of your biggest fears, make sure they don’t come anywhere near your home by calling the professional exterminators at Holly Springs Pest Control (888-311-0969) in Fuquay-Varina, NC.

If you're like most people, you've probably heard a horror story or two involving a spider. To make sure that you're never the main character in one of these stories you need a company like Holly Springs Pest Control in your corner! Their extermination services are designed to eliminate and prevent infestations of spiders common to North Carolina, such as black widows and wolf spiders. The company responds to all calls within 24 hours and their treatments are all kid and pet-friendly.

Go to https://hollyspringspest.com to learn more about their spider extermination services.

Spring & Summer = Spider Seasons!

As temperatures rise, spiders start to emerge from their nests, and with this, residential infestations become more and more common. If left unaddressed, these infestations can quickly become serious problems. Holly Springs Pest Control hopes to help you stop these infestations before they occur.

“When it comes to dealing with spiders in your home, time is always of the essence,” explained a spokesperson for the company. “At Holly Springs Pest Control we offer safe and effective solutions for dealing with the many varieties of spiders that are prevalent in North Carolina.”

You Name It, They Handle It!

The two main species of spider that Holly Springs Pest Control deals with are black widows and wolf spiders, both of which can be aggressive if threatened or agitated. In addition to these species, the company also handles brown recluse spiders, garden spiders, orb weavers, and cellar spiders.

No Stone Left Unturned!

When addressing active infestations, Holly Springs Pest Control employs several different reactive measures, from chemical sprays and insecticides to dusts and powders. To help prevent future infestations they also set up proactive traps and blockades of potential entry points.

Do Your Part!

Holly Springs Pest Control recommends you deal with spider infestations promptly as black widows and wolf spiders pose significant health risks, especially to kids and pets. Moreover, they strongly advise against trying to remove spider nests without professional assistance.

To help minimize the chances of spiders nesting in your home, Holly Springs Pest Control encourages you to reduce the amount of clutter you have, particularly in basements and other storage areas where spiders like to settle. They also suggest you try and seal any cracks or openings that your home has to prevent spiders from getting inside.

"I can't thank Holly Springs Pest Control enough for their exceptional service in tackling our spider problem," said a satisfied client. "They conducted a thorough inspection, identified the issue, and promptly implemented a highly effective extermination plan. Not only did they rid our home of spiders, but their team also took the time to educate us on preventative measures to ensure a long-term solution."

Schedule a no-obligation inspection today by visiting https://hollyspringspest.com

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