New Jersey Sensory Gym Climbing Wall Encourages Motor Development For Kids!

May 22, 2024

If your little one could use a boost when it comes to motor development skills and sensory integration, the sensory gym at TOTVille (+1 732 860 8100) offers an opportunity to enhance skills while socializing with others.

No matter what your child's motor skill level may be - they'll absolutely love the colorful, exciting activities at TOTville's sensory gym!

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The sensory gym is a safe, secure, non-threatening play environment that includes a large range of learning activities, such as linear and rotational swings, trampolines, therapy balls, and different types of climbing walls.

To help young children of all ability levels learn and reinforce skills, the sensory gym also offers vertical and horizontal ladders, zip line, trapeze, crash pads, and more.

Explore & Learn

A study published in Cureus shows that sensory gyms can play a crucial role in helping to boost functional mobility in young children, helping to stimulate neural development and physical strength. At TOTVille, your little one will have a chance to explore and build new skills.

“When combined with other therapies, a sensory gym can amplify results by reinforcing the treatment of sensory disorders,” explains a spokesperson. “Our program increases independence, eases stress in social situations, and raises tolerance to new sensations coming from the body and the environment.”

Meet Challenges Successfully

Although sensory gyms have been shown to be particularly helpful for children with special needs, such as those who experience Sensory Integration Dysfunction or Sensory Processing Disorder, all children can benefit from the proprioceptive and vestibular sensory input that TOTville offers.

Activities throughout the sensory gym are designed to facilitate sensory responses using movement and stimuli to build social and physical abilities. During the personalized programs, licensed therapists from the TOTville team help your child go through various activities. Your kid will be encouraged to meet various challenges with successful, organized responses.

Increase Autonomy

With your tot's unique developmental needs in mind, the TOTville team focuses on helping them to elicit appropriate sensory responses on their own, while building cognitive-behavioral, social, and motor skills.

Parents have positive reviews for TOTville and their programs. “I love the TOTville's staff members and sensory gym,” says Diloram K. “The place is extremely clean and sanitized; the owner is very knowledgeable and advanced in the latest treatments for children with challenges.”

Experience the difference a sensory gym can make for your child - get in touch with TOTville today!

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