Qualified For The ACP? Get Affordable High-Speed Internet With This Provider

Feb 21, 2023

Are you still on the wrong side of America’s digital divide? Claim your right to affordable internet through the ACP with Comlink’s 4G router or Tablet – tailor-made for low income households and remote, underserved areas in the US.

Qualified For The ACP? Get Affordable High-Speed Internet With This Provider

Just because you live out in the sticks, doesn't mean you should have to put up with poor internet. Thanks to Comlink, you can now enjoy fast wireless 4G internet wherever you are. Stay connected with Comlink!

Whether you're a homeowner, renter, or business owner, you can enjoy a powerful nationwide network for robust, reliable, and consistent coverage with no limits on data usage. The company is addressing the issue of patchy broadband, satellite, and dial-up internet reception in areas that have suffered due to their distance from busy urban centers. Take advantage of the Affordable Connectivity Program and hook up your home to a better kind of internet.

For a faster and more consistent internet connection beyond the city limits, Comlink 4G wireless is the future! Sign up today for free installation! More details can be found at https://saleslinkcrm.com/ampifire

The company's routers and tablets connect to local cellular towers, providing you with the best internet speeds without suffering the usual problems of buffering and dropouts in service. Comlink is built upon a commitment to making fast, reliable internet available to everyone wherever they happen to live.

The American Community Survey for 2015 to 2019 revealed a large digital divide between rural and urban areas in the US. In 287 of the country's most rural counties and 260 counties bordering smaller metropolitan areas, less than 70% of households had access to high-speed internet. Coverage issues are compounded by economic factors in many of these areas, leading President Biden to pass a $65 billion infrastructure package in 2021 to address this imbalance.

A satisfied Comlink customer says, “I'm living in one of the most remote areas of California. There are very limited options regarding internet providers in my area. Thanks to Comlink, I got a super-fast wireless internet connection.”

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Finally you can get the download and browsing speeds you deserve with Comlink!

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