PV Fluid Product Now Have Operations in Five Countries To Meet Oil Company & Drilling Operation Needs

Jan 30, 2017

Oil companies and drilling operations now have rotors and stators on hand, along with other horizontal and directional drilling components and positive displacement motors, as PV fluid Products now have operations in five countries. This latest initiative reduces machinery downtime and keeping operation costs to a minimum.

PV Fluid Product, a privately-owned company specializing in the design and manufacture of horizontal and directional drilling cavity power sections, based in Houston, Texas, launched an initiative to hold inventory in five strategic global locations. Seeking to better service the urgent needs of drilling clientele, PV Fluid Products opened holding depots in Calgary and Niski, Canada and in Dubai, expanding their already viable operations in Houston, USA, Macclesfield, UK and Wolfenbüttel, Germany.

More information is available at http://pvfluid.com.

By opening new facilities in Canada and Dubai, PV Fluid Products are near their clientele's main centers of activity. Consequently, reducing downtime for rotors, stators, and horizontal and directional drilling, as well as for positive displacement motors, which are all vital to the success of oil production.

Client demand for reliable, quality parts that keep operating costs to a minimum increased, as did the need to meet any drilling challenges with little down time. As a result, PV Fluid Products saw an opportunity to deliver a higher level of customer service by meeting these key requirements, so oil producers continued to grow their business.

Using CNC machining, and laser measurement technology, along with premium materials, PV Fluid Products guarantees every power section component conforms to specification and purpose. PV engineering also custom make drilling components for new models to meet specific customer needs.

Recognized as an industry leader, PV Fluid Products formed in 1993, later merged with Meastor, a rotor and stator manufacturer, based in Houston, Texas, and in Wolfenbüttel, Germany. This acquisition strengthened PV Fluid Products even further. Three-years-on, the company, now provide full internal manufacturing and reline services for the power sections they manufacture.

Joe Kerr, president of PV Fluid Products, said,” Our objective is to supply our customers with the product they need, when they need and where they need it.”

To find out more about PV Fluid Products and their newly launched initiative, click on the link above.

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