Protect Your Lower Back With The Ergonomic Adjustable Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Sep 1, 2023

Madison Seating is now selling ergonomic Herman Miller Aeron office chairs! Visit their website to browse the full collection.

Athletes are not the only ones getting sore backs and hips--writers do, too! Have you tried sitting in a chair and writing for eight straight hours? If you have, then you know you need a Herman Miller Aeron chair. Get one from Madison Seating today!

The Aeron is a fully adjustable ergonomic office chair. Constructed using 8Z Pellicle, Herman Miller’s proprietary breathable and supportive fabric, the chair adapts to your body’s slightest movements. It also provides numerous adjustments for individualized fit and comfort.

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You can now benefit from innovative office seating that delivers back support modifications to help activate correct posture and reduce muscle fatigue. Intuitively designed, the Aeron eliminates circulation-restricting pressure points and distributes weight evenly.

“The Herman Miller Aeron chair boasts an inspired and imaginative design. The fast-forward ergonomics and distinctive look make this chair the only office chair people can identify by name,” says a company representative. “Whether used as a work chair, side chair, or stool, it will support all types of office work. It will also provide the comfort standards that adapt naturally to virtually every body type.”

The patented 8Z Pellicle fabric boasts a human-centered design. It creates eight varied tensions in the Aeron’s seat and back. The tightest zones keep your body off the chair frame, while the more yielding zones mold to your sitting bones, allowing you optimal comfort. Moreover, the mesh-like fabric lets air, body heat, and water vapor pass through to maintain a comfortable body temperature.

Ensuring a comfortable fit, the Aeron chair can be customized according to your height and weight. You may also choose from other modifications such as frame and base color, back support, seat back angle and tilt, armrest and armpad style, and caster wheel options.

Furthermore, the product is not just good for your body but for the environment as well. The company diverts more than 150 tons of plastic from the ecosystem annually by constructing its products using ocean-bound plastic and recycled materials.

The spokesperson added, “Our specialty is understanding the needs of our customers and satisfying those needs while staying within their budgets. We provide you with not only quality products but also products you will love.”

Sit back, relax, and let the Aeron chair pamper you as you work.

Visit to buy yours today or browse other Madison Seating products, including recliners, sofas, ottomans, armless chairs, sectionals, stools, loveseats, and more.

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