Armless Ergonomic Office Chairs For Workspaces: Where Comfort Meets Productivity

Aug 1, 2023

Brooklyn-based Madison Seating (888-704-3435) supplies office chairs with creative designs and forward-thinking ergonomics that can accommodate all kinds of in-door tasks and body types. Make your office work downright indulgent with the Herman Miller Aeron chair.

Now that pandemic measures have ended, you might be eager to get back to the office to start collaborating in person again or even to regain your health. A health poll found that some remote workers moved less at home than in the office or were too tempted with the kitchen nearby.

If that's you, you might be wondering exactly how you can get back in health in the office, what with all that sitting.

That's why Madison Seating now offers their expanded office chair catalog featuring the Herman Miller Aeron™ chair, compiled with health-conscious, ex-remote workers like you in mind.

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In the updated catalog, you'll find both armless and armrest models of the Aeron - a chair inspired by earth elements and driven by sustainable design. Each Herman Miller Aeron chair contains ocean-bound plastic and mismanaged plastic waste found near waterways. Madison Seating shares this commitment to sustainability and ergonomics, showcasing office chairs that support the health and productivity of office workers like you.

Neglecting your health as you work can be costly. A study published in Occupational & Environmental Medicine found that the cost of back pain in the United States was estimated to be $26 billion annually. The study also found poor ergonomic conditions were a major contributing factor to back pain, affecting productivity. Bearing this in mind, the company showcases Herman Miller Aeron office chairs across all kinds of budgets, from those of businesses to those of individual desk workers.

At Madison Seating, you'll find open-box, pre-owned, and refurbished Aeron chairs with graphite frames, vinyl arm pads, and adjustable lumbar support for all body types. You'll also find armless office chairs with adjustable height and a posture-fit system. The suspension of Aeron chairs will distribute your weight evenly across the back and seat.

Madison Seating also offers other furniture types, including outdoor table sets, dining room and kitchen furniture, and living room sofas of various designs and sizes. With over 71,000 customers, the company continues expanding its premium office furniture line.

A company representative said: "We want to raise awareness about the impact of sedentary work on health, whether at home or in the office. People don't need to get used to improper postures when they can have a chair with many features that will adjust their posture to a healthier one over time and make them used to it instead."

Madison Seating understands how much your work routine matters to your physical well-being. Now you can regain your health in the office with their Herman Miller Aeron chairs.

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