Protect Your Irving Vehicle With DIY Ceramic Coating For Ultimate Protection

May 9, 2020

If you want to learn more about ceramic coating for your car, AvolonKing have you covered. Check out their new guide today!

Ceramic coatings for your car come with a range of benefits. These coatings offer protection from UV rays, stain protection, easy cleaning and more!

AvalonKing have released a new report about ceramic coatings for exterior car protection. The Irving, Texas based car auto detailing company offer a high quality protective ceramic coating for vehicles throughout the local area.

AvalonKing understand that your vehicle is a big investment and that getting the right care for it should be easy and affordable. They spent 18 months perfecting the formula of their Armour Shield IX ceramic coating product, using premium quality components to produce the best protection available for vehicle paintwork.

The company have released a new report on the benefits of ceramic coating, called “The Truth About Ceramic Coating: A Detailed Guide.” The report introduces you to ceramic coatings, asks if they are worth using and goes into detail about what they do and do not do.

Ceramic coatings provide a transparent protective layer for vehicle paintwork, offering a more durable protection than traditional wax. 9h ceramic technology utilizes nano technology, which seals all the pores in a surface making it hydrophobic and resistant to UV, scratches, chemicals and heat.

AvalonKing’s report explains that there are various options for getting a vehicle ceramic coated, with differing price points to match, costing anywhere between $20 to $2,000. Ceramic coatings can be carried out by professional auto detailers or they can also be completed at home using DIY kits.

The company currently offer their customers a DIY ceramic coating kit for home-based auto detailing. The Armor Shield IX DIY Kit contains everything a vehicle owner needs to perform a professional ceramic coating without any previous experience.

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing it is difficult to access many services, which is the advantage of a home DIY kit. The home-based kit from AvalonKing is easy to apply, cost effective and produces visible and eye-catching results.

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